Specifications of KOBELCO CKE2500 Bottom Roller

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Specifications of KOBELCO CKE2500 Bottom Roller 


1. General details about CKE2500 Bottom Roller :


Wooden Pallets


within 10 days after receiving payment







2000 working hours/ 1 year


Quenching 26--30HRC

Production technology

Blanking Forging  Rough Machining  Heat Treatment  Welding  Finish Machining  Warehouse Entry


 Accept drawing to make OEM parts 


2.CKE2500 Bottom Roller are suitable for these models:

KOBELCO:P&H315 ,P&H320,P&H325,P&H330,P&H335,P&H345,P&H440,P&H550,P&H5035,P&H5045,P&H5055,P&H5100,P&H7035,P&H7045,P&H7050,P&H7055,P&H7065,P&H7070,P&H7080,P&H7090,P&H7100,P&H7120,P&H7150,P&H7200,P&H7250,BM500,BM600,BM700,BM800,BM900,BM1200,CKE600,CKE700,CKE800,CKE850,CKE900,CKE1000,CKE1100,CKE1350,CKE1800,CKE2500,CKE2500-2,CK850,CK1000,CK1000G,CK1600,CK2000-2,CK2500,SL6000

3. Package and delivery:

CKE2500 bottom roller are packed in pallet covered with thin film and sticker. As SCX700 carrier roller manufacturer, we focus not only on products themselves, but also on services.

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