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Crawler Crane Carrier Roller for Sumitomo

Dalian ZhaoHua Construction and Machinery Co., Ltd supplys products Crawler Crane Carrier Roller for Sumitomo different models, like SC400-2, SC500-2, SC500-3, SC550-2, LS-118RH-5, SC800HD-3, SC900-3 etc. 

Our factory produce competitive price and good quality undercarriage parts,engineers has more than 20 years experience, 

Warranty time 12 months.

Crawler Crane Carrier Roller for Sumitomo product details

1. Specification:
Material AnalysisC:0.37-0.44, Mn:1.4-1.8
Main TechnologyQuenching, medium frequency quenching, harden
Hardened Depth4-8mm
Delivery Time15-20 days
2. models:
ModelsMaximum weight
(t x m)
SC400-240 x 3.7
SC500-250 x 4.0
SC500-211.4 x 10.0
SC500-350 x 4.0
SC500-312.0 x 10.0
SC550-255 x 3.7
LS-118RH-550 x 3.7
SC800HD-380 x 3.8
SC800-280 x 4.0
SC900-390 x 4.0
LS-120RH-560 x 4.0
LS-218RH-580 x 4.0
SC1000-2100 x 5.5
SC1200120 x 4.5
LS-238RH-5100 x 5.3
SC1500-2150 x 5.0
LS-248RH-5150 x 5.0
SC2000-3200 x 5.0

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