The crawler crane block, is a critical element of the crane’s lifting mechanism. It consists of a robust frame or block with one or more sheaves or pulleys. These pulleys guide the lifting cables or ropes, allowing for smooth and controlled movement during lifting operations. The block serves as a connection point for attaching loads securely. With its precise design and functionality, the crawler crane block plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and efficiency in crane operations.

Basic information of crawler crane block

Our company offers a wide range of crawler crane blocks to meet your lifting requirements. Our selection includes simple hooks, double hooks with nuts, as well as suspensions consisting of a hook, crossbar, and nut. With our advanced testing capabilities, we can perform tests on blocks up to 1,500 tons. Trust us to provide you with high-quality, reliable crawler crane blocks that ensure safe and efficient lifting operations.

Product specification

  • Material:Steel / Forged Steel
  • Number Of Fall:2 Falls,4 Falls,6 Falls,8 Falls and Single Fall
  • Pulley Style:Single,Double or Multi Sheaves
  • Block Capacity:500 Kgs up to 200 ton
  • Certification: IS: 3815/1969, IS: 5749/1970

Components of crane block

  • Frame or Block: Provides structural support and stability for the crane block during lifting operations.
  • Sheaves or Pulleys: Guides and changes the direction of the lifting ropes or cables, reducing friction and enabling smoother movement.
  • Hook: Serves as the connection point for attaching and securely holding the load during lifting.
  • Nut or Suspension: Offers adjustability and flexibility in attaching the crane block to the lifting mechanism, allowing for precise positioning and load control.

Type of crane block

There are various types of crane blocks available, each designed to serve specific purposes and meet different lifting requirements.

Crane Hook Block

The crane hook block is an essential component that provides a secure connection point for lifting loads and ensures safe and efficient operations.

single hook block

Single crane hook blocks are commonly employed for lifting loads weighing under 75 tons, offering the advantages of simplicity in manufacturing and ease of use.

double hook block
double hook crawler crane block

Double hook blocks are a popular choice in crane operations that involve lifting substantial loads. With their robust design and high bearing capacity, they are capable of effectively managing and distributing the weight of heavy objects. These blocks offer increased stability and load-bearing capabilities, making them essential for demanding lifting tasks where safety and efficiency are paramount. When it comes to handling large loads, the double hook block is a reliable and trusted solution in the crane industry.

forging hook block

Forge crane hook blocks are created through the forging process using high-quality low-carbon steel or low-carbon alloy steel, including materials like 20 high-quality low-carbon steel, 16Mn, 20MnSi, and 36MnSi. These blocks are subsequently annealed to enhance their properties.

While forge hooks are known for their simplicity in construction and operation, they have a lower stress condition compared to laminated hooks. As a result, forge hooks are commonly employed for handling loads weighing less than 80 tons. For heavier loads that require greater strength and stability, double hooks are the preferred choice.

Laminated Hook blocks

Laminated hooks are constructed by riveting together multiple steel plates. One of the advantages of laminated hooks is that even if one of the plates has a flaw, the overall integrity of the hook remains intact. These hooks are frequently utilized on cranes with heavy lifting capacities, such as steel ladle cranes, due to their exceptional safety features and ability to withstand significant dead weights. There are two main types of laminated hooks: single laminated hooks and double laminated hooks.

Closed Hook blocks

Closed hook block attachments may present a slightly greater challenge in terms of usability and time required for installation. However, they offer the utmost level of safety and possess exceptional load-bearing capabilities. Despite the additional effort involved, closed hook blocks are preferred for lifting operations where safety and maximum load capacity are of critical importance.

Semi-Closed Hook blocks

These specialized crane hook blocks aim to bridge the gap by offering enhanced security compared to standard lifting hooks, while still providing easier attachment and detachment compared to closed hooks. They strike a balance by offering a higher level of safety and convenience in lifting operations.

Crane snatch block

The crane snatch block is a versatile component used to redirect the lifting line and increase the lifting capacity, offering flexibility and efficiency in various lifting applications.

wire rope snatch block

Crane snatch blocks are utilized to alter the direction of a rope, employing a cast steel sheave. These blocks feature a hinged side that can be opened for swift and convenient positioning of the rope on the sheave. By swinging the hook in the direction of the pull, the block locks securely. The sheaves of these blocks are crafted from high-quality cast steel and have precisely machined grooves.

The service we supply at value crane

At Value Crane, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of customization for their crane blocks. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with our clients to understand their specific lifting requirements and challenges. We offer a wide range of customizations, including modifying block dimensions, adjusting load capacities, integrating specialized features, and selecting materials that best suit the application. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to deliver precise and tailored solutions with quick turnaround times. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and provide exceptional customized services for crawler crane blocks.

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