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At Value Crane, we have a wide selection of crawler crane track roller that are known for their exceptional quality. Our track rollers are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. We prioritize delivering products that meet the highest industry standards while offering competitive prices. Trust us to provide you with the best crawler crane track rollers that excel in both quality and value.

Basic information of crawler crane track roller


Crawler crane track rollers are commonly made from high-quality materials such as forged steel or alloy steel. These materials offer excellent strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. The specific grade and composition of the steel may vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended application of the track rollers.


  • Single Flange Track Rollers: Single flange track rollers have a flange on one side to guide the track and prevent lateral movement. They are commonly used in crawler cranes that operate on flat surfaces or in applications where stability and alignment are essential.

  • Double Flange Track Rollers: Double flange track rollers have flanges on both sides to guide the track and provide increased stability and alignment. They are suitable for crawler cranes that operate in rough terrains or uneven surfaces, offering enhanced traction and load distribution.

  • Bottom Rollers: Bottom rollers, also known as carrier rollers, are located at the bottom of the crawler crane’s undercarriage. They support the weight of the crane and help maintain proper track tension. Bottom rollers are typically larger in size and designed to withstand heavy loads.

  • Top Rollers: Top rollers, also known as upper rollers or support rollers, are positioned at the top of the undercarriage. They assist in guiding the track and maintaining tension. Top rollers are usually smaller in size compared to bottom rollers.

The crawler crane track roller model we supply

At Value Crane, we supply a variety of crawler crane track roller models to cater to different crane specifications and requirements. 




CX1100 CX2000 CX1000 CX1800 KH100 KH125 KH300-3 KH500-3 TH55-2 KH125-3 

KH150-3 KH180-3 KH100-1 KH125-2 KH150-2 KH180-2 KH230 KH500-2 KH700-2 KH300 KH300-2


HS885HD LR1600 LR1400 LR1280 LR1750 LR11350 HS872 HS873HD HS875HD

LR1650 HS852HD HS853HD HS855HD HS871HD HS882HD HS883HD


SCX2000 SCX2500 SCX2600 SCX2800-2 SCX400 SCX500 SCX700 SCX700-2 SCX800 

SCX1200-2 SCX1500 SCX1500-2 SCX800-2 SCX900 SCX900-2 SCX1000 SCX1200


CC2800 CC2000 CC2200 CC2400 CC2500 CC1500 CC1800


CKE1800 CKE2500 CKE2500-2 CKE900 CKE1000 CKE600 CKE700 CKE800 

BM500 BM600 BM650 BM700 BM800 BM900 BM1200 


8500 10000 12000 140000 15000 M250 M999 2250 3900 4000 4100 4500 4600S 


DCH650 DCH700 DCH800 DCH1000 DCH1200 CCH350 CCH400 CCH500 CCH500-2 CCH500-3 

CCH1500 CCH2000 CCH2500 CCH2800 CCH550 CCH650 CCH700 CCH800 CCH1000 CCH1200


SANY: SCC8200 SCC8100 SCC8300 SCC10000 SCC1600D SCC500B SCC500C SCC500D 

SCC1500D SCC1800 SCC2600A SCC3000WE SCC4000E SCC1000D SCC1250 SCC1500CC

SCC5000WE SCC6500E SCC7500 SCC500E SCC550C SCC600C SCC750C SCC800C


We supply a wide range of crawler crane track rollers from reputable brands, including Liebherr, Hitachi, and Kobelco. These brands are well-known for their expertise in crane manufacturing and have a strong reputation for producing high-quality crawler crane components.

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