About Project

The buyer of crawler crane parts is the superior agent of Kobelco and Demag crawler cranes in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The company has more than 200 crawler cranes, with a maximum tonnage of 4, 000 t, and provides leasing services and support for oil and port operations in the Middle East.

Not only that, it now has more than 280 employees which thanks to its expanding global coverage of services, and has offices in Qatar and the Netherlands that allow it to localize the leasing operations well.

Project Advantages

Realistically speaking, we always believe that the product’s technology is the cornerstone of service. The profits from cutting corners and shoddy manufacturing may keep a factory running for a short time, but it will die soon. This is our magic weapon which develops the company from the establishment to progress gradually and steadily till now.

   The appearance and size of all the crawler crane undercarriage parts 100% meet the requirements of customer drawings.

   At the same time, an automatic casting production line and CNC lathe are used for product processing to ensure the smooth and flat surface of each crawler crane undercarriage.

   All-in-one support & services by ours reduce customers’ purchase cycle and time costs effectively. In fact, through much cooperation, it also provides a lot of help for the client’s project to be completed on time.


crawler crane undercarriage

Since 2016, the number of crawler crane parts products purchased by customers through us keeps increasing, and more and more models and brands of crawler cranes are involved in these parts. It also means that we have achieved great success in the product’s comprehensive performance.

The Result

After one year of use, based on customer feedback in real-time, the appearance and structure of the crawler crane track shoes and track rollers have no obvious damage. It shows that the production process and heat treatment technology have reached a higher level in the industry.


Project Details


October 16, 2016


United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi, Dubai


Crawler Crane Track Roller & Track Shoe


CC2500, CC1800, CC2200, SCX2800, SCX2500, SCX1200, SCX900, SCX700

Track Shoe

Material: 28CrNiMnMo

Wheel Body

Material: 40Mn2

Wheel Axle

Material: 40Cr


Material: ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3

Temper Hardness

Track Shoe: 21-28HRC
Track Roller: HB250-300


Spectrometer & CSS44300 Testing Machine