HITACHI crawler crane Undercarriage parts

Quality Materials

With advanced CNC machine tools, paint spraying lines meeting environmental protection standards, and professional quality inspection laboratories, the high-standard management mold room, casting and forging workshop, heat treatment workshop, and finishing workshop create a high-efficiency production line.

Experienced Team

With parts manuals, drawings, and original production process standards, a professional technical team assures high-precision dimensions. Furthermore, our engineers make drawings and CAD models to help customers realize customized services.

Strict quality inspection

Each crawler crane chassis has a traceable production batch number, and a quality inspection department performs material inspection, mechanical performance inspection, hardness inspection, tensile inspection, destructive inspection, size inspection, etc. Tracked chassis parts undergo 7+ quality inspections before leaving the factory. Customers can also request third-party quality inspections and inspection reports.

Hitachi crawler crane Undercarriage accessories to provide models

KH125-2, KH125-3, KH150-2, KH150-3, KH180-2, KH180-3, KH230, KH300-2, KH700-2

HITACHI Crawler Crane Track Shoe

Material of Hitachi Track Shoes:

A: 50-80 Ton: Material: 31SiMn2: C%–0.27-0.34  Si%–0.6-0.9, Mn%–1.40-1.80

B: 100 Ton-300Ton: Material: 28CrMnMo: C%–0.24-0.32, Cr%–0.7-0.9, Mn%—0.8-1.1, Mo%–0.25-0.4

C: 300 Ton above: Material: 30NiCrMo: C%–0.27-0.33, Cr%–0.80-1.20, Ni%–3.0-4.0, Mo%–0.30-0.60, Mn%–0.60-1.0

Tempering Hardness: HRC25.5-32.5


We supply track shoes for the following HITACHI crawler crane.


Model Type

Hitachi track shoes

KH100 KH125 KH125-3 KH150-3 KH180-3 KH100-1 KH125-2 KH150-2 KH180-2 KH230

KH300-3 KH500-3 TH55-2 CX1100 CX2000 KH500-2 KH700-2 CX1000 CX1800 KH300 KH300-2

Many types of track shoes are available for those HITACHI crawler cranes.

  • The mold is usually made of wood mold or aluminum film (we use aluminum film), aluminum film is good; the mold is usually made according to the sample or production drawings.
  • The shape is made of sand according to the mold
  • Pour the molten steel into the sand mold (first analyze the chemical composition of the furnace before the spectrometer)
  • The mechanical properties of the track shoe after heat treatment, usually using CSS44300 universal tensile testing machine
  • Surface cleaning refers to steam-cutting wind gun gates, risers, and sand cleaning sand cores with windguns
  • Normalizing is mainly to eliminate internal stress and reduce the hardness of the workpiece.
  • Surface treatment refers to the sharp corners, burrs, etc. remaining on the surface after the work workpiecepiece is normalized.
  • Quenching and tempering are mainly to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the workpiece
  • Shot blasting refers to the shot blasting after the workpiece is quenched and tempered to achieve a smooth surface.
  • The contact position between the track shoe and the wheel body tread and the intermediate stage quenching treatment at the boss
  • Processing according to the drawings
  • Grinding is to polish the track shoes after quenching or quenching, and the smoothing needs to be smoothed.
  • Check whether the polished track shoes are qualified again.
  • Qualified track shoes to be painted.
  • The product is packed and stored in the warehouse.


Production Process:

HITACHI Crawler Crane Track Roller

Material of Hitachi track roller: 40MN2, 42CrMo

40MN2: C%–0.37-0.44, Mn%–1.4-1.8 Si%–0.17-0.37
42CrMo: C%–0.38-0.45,Mn%–0.5-0.8 Cr%–0.90-1.20 Mo%–0.15-0.25, Si%–0.17-0.37

Quenching and tempering hardness: HB250-300
Working Surface: HRC50-55
Quenching Depth: 4-6mm


We supply track rollers for the following HITACHI crawler crane: 


Model Type

Hitachi track roller

CX1100 CX2000 CX1000 CX1800 KH100 KH125 KH300-3 KH500-3 TH55-2 KH125-3 

KH150-3 KH180-3 KH100-1 KH125-2 KH150-2 KH180-2 KH230 KH500-2 KH700-2 KH300 KH300-2

Many types of track rollers are available for those HITACHI crawler cranes.

  • Cut the round steel on the sawing machine according to the size of the drawing
  • Forging and normalizing according to the blank drawing
  • Roughing the parts
  • The rough-processed products are tempered, shot blasted, and medium-frequency according to technical requirements (inspection of the Leeb hardness tester)
  • Heat treatment of the half-wheel body for welding
  • Finishing, drilling, and tapping after welding
  • The finished wheel, end cover, shaft, and other accessories for cleaning, assembly, rolling test, pressure test, oil injection
  • Spray the assembled roller
  • Pack the painted track rollers into the warehouse



We provide customized service

Contact our consultants for more drawing information.

Learn about crawler crane chassis parts manufacturing

production of tracked undercarriage parts

Value Crane Crawler Crane Undercarriage Fittings is a modern 3 million square foot facility. Produces high-quality accessories for multiple brands of crawler crane chassis. Our factory operations are managed by over 100 experienced technicians and many more support staff.

The manufacturing process of crawler crane chassis parts begins with the sorting and processing of raw materials to manufacture various accessories. They are repeatedly heated and forged to increase their strength. Quenching and tempering are performed after forging.


Maybe there's something you want to know...

Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are both. Our crawler crane undercarriages factory was established in 2007 based on Dalian city.

How can I be sure the parts will fit my crane?

First need to make sure the correct brand and model. After ordering to us, we will conirm the size again to make sure the part can fit your crane.

How about the delivery time?

According the part and the Qty. Normally 15-20 days is enough.

Which kind of packages you use?

For rollers we use the wood pallets, for track pad we use the steel pallets.

Can clients customize the goods?

Absolutely, we can design and produce the goods according the clients’ demands.

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