The crawler crane sheave, also commonly referred to as a crane pulley, is a fundamental component of crawler cranes. This versatile device, known by both names interchangeably, is instrumental in the lifting process. Its wheel-like structure, featuring a grooved rim, serves the dual purpose of supporting and guiding the lifting rope or cable. By changing the direction of force and providing mechanical advantage, the crawler crane sheave enables the crane to handle and lift heavy loads with ease and precision. Whether it’s in construction, manufacturing, or other industries, this essential component plays a vital role in facilitating safe and efficient lifting operations.

the basic information of crawler crane sheave

We produce a diverse selection of steel fabricated sheaves, including cast, hot-rolled, forged, and cut variations, catering to various purposes. The dimensions of these sheaves range from 75mm to 2000mm, and they can be designed with lightening holes to decrease weight while maintaining strength. As a standard, all sheaves are painted according to a complete offshore paint specification. However, we are also capable of accommodating your specific paint requirements.

product specification

  • Material:cast steel/carbon steel/gray cast iron
  • Groove surface quench depth: 22mm
  • Max processing diameter: 2,000mm
  • Dimension: φ200- φ1600 or as your require 
  • Rated Loading Capacity: 1-160 ton
  • Process: Casting, forging, steel plate cutting


Our crawler crane sheaves are manufactured using high-quality materials such as cast steel, carbon steel, and gray cast iron. With a groove surface quench depth of 22mm, these sheaves offer exceptional durability and resistance to wear. The maximum processing diameter for our sheaves is an impressive 2,000mm, providing ample capacity for a wide range of applications.

The dimensions of our crane sheaves typically range from φ200 to φ1600, but we can also customize them to meet your specific requirements. This ensures a perfect fit for your crane and optimizes its performance. Whether you need a smaller or larger sheave, we can accommodate your needs.

Our crawler crane sheaves are designed to handle heavy loads with ease. They have a rated loading capacity that spans from 1 ton to an impressive 160 tons. This versatility makes them suitable for various lifting operations, from light-duty tasks to heavy industrial projects.

To manufacture our crane sheaves, we utilize various processes including casting, forging, and steel plate cutting. These methods ensure the sheaves are robust, reliable, and able to withstand the demanding conditions of crane operations.

With our sheaves, you can expect exceptional quality, precise dimensions, and reliable performance. They are built to withstand rigorous use, providing you with a durable and efficient solution for your crane applications.

the type of sheaves in crane

Wire rope sheaves, cast steel sheaves, forged sheaves, and multi-sheaves are four key sheaves in crane. Each serves a specific purpose in guiding and supporting wire ropes or chains during lifting operations.

Wire Rope Sheave

 Wire rope sheaves are designed specifically to accommodate and guide the wire rope used in lifting operations. They feature grooves or channels that match the diameter and configuration of the wire rope, ensuring smooth movement and reducing wear.

Cast Steel Sheave

Cast steel sheaves are manufactured by pouring molten steel into a mold and allowing it to solidify. This process creates a strong and durable sheave capable of handling heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.

Forged Sheave

Forged sheaves are made by heating a solid piece of steel and shaping it under immense pressure. This forging process creates sheaves with excellent strength, toughness, and resistance to wear. Forged sheaves in crane are often used in demanding applications where high load capacities and durability are essential.


Multi-sheaves, also known as multi-groove sheaves or multi-rope sheaves, have multiple grooves or channels on a single sheave. These sheaves are designed to accommodate and guide multiple wire ropes or lifting chains simultaneously, increasing the crane’s lifting capacity and versatility.

the service we supply at value crane

At Value Crane, we offer a range of specialized services tailored specifically for sheaves in crane. Our commitment is to provide exceptional value and meet your unique requirements. Here are the services we provide:

Crawler Crane Sheave Customization

We understand that different projects may have specific needs. Our experienced team can customize crane sheaves to match your exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your equipment.

Installation Training

Proper installation is crucial for the efficient and safe operation of crawler crane sheaves. We provide comprehensive installation training to your team, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to install the sheaves correctly. This training helps to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Maintenance and Repair Services

We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your crane sheaves in optimal condition. Our skilled technicians can perform routine maintenance, inspections, and timely repairs to ensure the longevity and reliability of your sheaves.

Free Consultation

We offer complimentary consultations to understand your project requirements and recommend the most suitable crawler crane sheave solutions. Our experts are available to answer any questions, provide technical advice, and assist you in making informed decisions.

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