Crawler crane wire rope, a critical component in lifting operations, offers the strength and stability essential for safe and efficient performance. Constructed from high-strength steel wires, these wire ropes are designed to withstand heavy loads and challenging environments. With various types available, including 6×19 Class, 6×36 Class, and rotation-resistant options, you can select the ideal wire rope to meet your specific crawler crane requirements. Trust in the durability and reliability of crane wire rope to ensure smooth and secure lifting operations.

basic information of crawler crane wire rope


Crawler crane wire ropes are commonly made from high-strength steel, specifically carbon steel. This type of steel is chosen for its excellent tensile strength and durability, which are crucial for withstanding the heavy loads and demanding conditions encountered in crawler crane operations. The steel wires used in the wire rope are often galvanized or coated with a protective layer to enhance resistance against corrosion and wear. This ensures that the wire rope can maintain its strength and integrity over time, providing a reliable lifting solution for crawler cranes.


Crane wire ropes come in various types to suit different applications and requirements. Some common types of wire ropes used in crawler cranes include:

  • 6×19 Class Wire Rope: This steel wire rope for crane consists of six strands, with 19 wires in each strand. It offers a good balance between strength and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting operations.

  • 6×36 Class Wire Rope: With six strands and 36 wires in each strand, this wire rope provides increased flexibility compared to the 6×19 class. It is often used in applications that require more bending and articulation.

  • 8×19 Class Wire Rope: Featuring eight strands, with 19 wires in each strand, this wire rope offers higher strength and durability compared to the 6×19 class. It is commonly used in heavy-duty crawler cranes that require greater lifting capacities.

  • 8×36 Class Wire Rope: This wire rope consists of eight strands, with 36 wires in each strand. It provides excellent flexibility and strength, making it suitable for demanding lifting operations.

  • Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope: This type of wire rope is designed to minimize twisting and rotation during lifting. It incorporates specialized construction techniques or additional layers to reduce torque, offering enhanced stability and control.

the crawler crane wire rope at value crane

Our company offers a comprehensive range of steel wire rope for crane models. We have a wide selection of models and utilize specialized manufacturing equipment to ensure high-quality production.

the brand we supply

We are proud to supply crawler crane wire ropes from top brands such as Sany, XCMG, Zoomlion, Sumitomo, and Kobelco. These brands are recognized for their excellence in the industry and their commitment to delivering high-quality products. You can trust in the reliability and performance of the wire ropes we offer from these reputable manufacturers.

The features of our crawler crane wire rope

Our crane wire ropes possess several exceptional features that set them apart. These include:

  • High Strength: Our wire ropes are engineered with high-tensile strength, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and challenging lifting operations.

  • High Toughness: The wire ropes are designed to be highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, allowing them to endure demanding working conditions.

  • Extra Coarse: With an extra coarse construction, our wire ropes provide enhanced grip and traction, enabling reliable and secure lifting operations.

  • Long Length: We offer wire ropes in extended lengths, allowing for increased reach and versatility in various job site scenarios.

  • Special Structure: The wire ropes feature a specialized structure that optimizes their performance, including factors such as strand arrangement and core composition.

  • Special Purpose: Our wire ropes can be designed for specific applications, ensuring they meet the unique requirements of crawler cranes and their intended uses.

In conclusion, our crawler crane wire ropes, supplied from renowned brands, offer a range of exceptional features. Trust in our steel wire rope for crane applications to deliver reliable, efficient, and safe lifting operations for your crawler crane needs.

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