crawler crane undercarriage parts

The crawler crane undercarriage, functioning as the core stress system, plays a pivotal role in ensuring stability during the crane’s walking, climbing, and turning operations. The structural strength and mechanical properties of each undercarriage parts component greatly contribute to the overall system’s stability.

common problems of crawler crane undercarriage

Based on a wealth of debugging records and practical application data, it becomes evident that the common faults encountered in crane undercarriage primarily arise from two key factors.

insufficient machining accuracy

The first factor is insufficient machining accuracy, which can lead to deviations in dimensions, misalignments, and compromised fitment between various components. Such inaccuracies can undermine the overall performance and longevity of the undercarriage system. 

poor coordination among Crane Undercarriage parts

The second factor is poor coordination among parts, where inconsistencies in design, manufacturing, or assembly can result in misalignments, increased friction, and accelerated wear and tear. These cumulative errors, stemming from processing techniques, inevitably hamper the work efficiency of the entire equipment, potentially leading to downtime, reduced productivity, and increased maintenance costs.

Value Crane - best supplier of crane undercarriage

In practice, during actual debugging and application, it becomes evident that the crane undercarriage from Value Crane are free from these issues.

The advantages of our crawler crane undercarriage parts

We supply five types of crawler crane undercarriage parts: including crawler crane track roller, carrier roller, idler, sprocket, and crawler crane track shoe.

  • The raw materials have long been chosen by the famous Chinese steel plant Shanghai Baosteel.
  • We make use of special gear oil, which is 100% up to national standards. The advantage of using it is to reduce the friction of the parts and extend its service life by 30%.
  • We support quality problems within 2500 hours and unconditionally send new ones immediately. But in fact, our wheels can work in harsh environments for two or three years.
  • The hardness of the idler and sprocket reaches HRC48-55. And for carrier roller and track roller, the same ones reach HB270-320 after tempering.

Brands of Crawler Crane Undercarriage We Provide

When it comes to crawler crane undercarriage, we are proud to supply a wide range of reputable brands that are trusted in the industry. Our inventory includes top brands such as LiebherrIHIHitachiKobelco, and many others. These brands are known for their commitment to quality, reliability, and performance. Whether you need crawler crane track shoestrack rollers, idlers or sprockets, we have an extensive selection from these renowned manufacturers. Our goal is to provide you with crane undercarriage from trusted brands that meet the highest standards, ensuring the durability and efficiency of your equipment.




KH125-2, KH125-3, KH150-2, KH150-3, KH180-2, KH180-3, KH230, KH300-2, KH700-2


SC500-2, SC550-2, SC650, SC700, SC1000-2, LS78RH 5, LS108RH5, LS118RH3, LS118RH5, LS120RH5, LS218RH5, LS238RH5


P&H330, P&H335, P&H5035, P&H5045, P&H5100, P&H7035, P&H7045, P&H7055, P&H7065, P&H7080, P&H7150, P&H7250, BM500, BM700, BM800, CKE600, CKE700, CKE800, CKE900, CKE1000, CKE1800, CKE2500


CCH400, CCH500, CCH800, CCH1000, CCH1500, CCH2500, CCH2800, DCH800


DH500, DH508, DH608, DH500, DH650, ED4000, ED5500


SCX800, SCX900-2, SCX1200, SCX1500, SCX2500, SCX2800-2


SCC500B, SCC500C, SCC500D, SCC500E, SCC550C, SCC600C, SCC750C, SCC800C, SCC1000D, SCC1250, SCC1500CC, SCC1500D, SCC1800


QUY50, QUY55N, QUY80, QUY100, QUY150, QUY250


2250, 3900, 4000, 4100, 4500, 4600S, 8500, 10000, 12000, 140000, 15000, M250, M999


CC1500, CC1800, CC2000, CC2200, CC2500, CC2800, CC4000


American 9310, American 900, American 9299, American 9260


HS885HD, LR1600, LR1400, LR1280, LR1200, LR1100, LR11000


LS118, LS138H, LS218, LS118RH3, LS218HSL

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