What’s The Best Brand Of Crawler Crane Track Roller?

Within the domain of construction machinery, a formidable contest ensues among crawler crane track roller brands. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to durability, reliability, and performance, these brands vie for supremacy in shaping the landscape of construction efficiency. Prepare to embark on a journey that delves into the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence, where the clash of these industry titans unfolds.

LIEBHERR crawler crane track rollers--The Vanguard of Innovation

  • Unique Advantage: Innovative Technology Integration
  • Liebherr crawler crane track rollers stand out for their integration of innovative technologies. For example, they may incorporate advanced sealing systems and lubrication arrangements.
  • The advanced sealing systems protect against contaminants, reducing wear and extending the service life of the rollers.
  • The innovative lubrication arrangements, such as centralized lubrication systems, enhance performance, reduce friction, and increase the longevity of the rollers.
  • This technological integration sets Liebherr track rollers apart, providing improved efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and overall machine optimization.

HITACHI crawler crane Track Rollers--The Reliable Workhorse

  • Unique Advantage: Precision Fit and Smooth Movement
  • Hitachi crawler crane track rollers are known for their precision fit within the undercarriage system.
  • The rollers are designed and machined with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and alignment.
  • This precision fit allows for smooth movement along the tracks, reducing friction and enhancing overall machine performance.
  • Hitachi track rollers provide exceptional stability, load distribution, and efficient operation, contributing to precise load handling and safe machine operation.

HITACHI-SUMITOMO crawler crane Track roller--The Adaptable Performer

  • Unique Advantage: Heavy Lifting Support
  • HITACHI-SUMITOMO crawler crane track rollers excel in providing stable support for their crawler cranes’ massive lifting capacities.
  • These rollers are engineered to withstand the extreme stresses encountered during crane operations.
  • With robust construction, specialized heat treatments, and precise engineering, HITACHI-SUMITOMO track rollers ensure stability, load-carrying capability, and safe lifting operations.
  • Their track rollers undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes to meet the highest standards of reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction in the crane industry.

DEMAG crawler crane Track roller--The Epitome of Efficiency

  • Unique Advantage: Rigorous Testing and Quality Control
  • DEMAG crawler crane track rollers undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure their reliability and performance.
  • These rollers are subjected to stringent quality assurance processes, including inspections, material testing, and performance evaluations.
  • Demag’s commitment to quality control ensures that their track rollers meet the highest industry standards, providing reliable and safe operation in various lifting applications.
  • Customers can rely on DEMAG track rollers for their adherence to quality and their contribution to the overall efficiency and productivity of the machinery.

KOBELCO crawler crane Track Rollers-The Robust Warrior

  • Unique Advantage: Cost-Effective Solutions
  • KOBELCO crawler crane track rollers are engineered with a focus on providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • These rollers offer reliable performance and durability, making them popular choices for customers seeking equipment with low operating costs.
  • KOBELCO emphasizes optimized designs, self-lubricating systems, and wear-resistant materials to minimize maintenance needs and maximize uptime, contributing to cost savings for the customers.
  • The brand’s track rollers deliver reliable performance at competitive prices, ensuring customers receive high value for their investment.

MANITOWOC crawler crane Track roller-The Enduring Partner

  • Unique Advantage: High Lifting Capacities and Operator Comfort
  • MANITOWOC crawler crane track rollers are designed to support the high lifting capacities of their crawler cranes while ensuring operator comfort and safety.
  • These rollers provide excellent stability, load distribution, and support, enabling precise load handling and safe crane operations.
  • MANITOWOC emphasizes the balance between heavy lifting capabilities and operator comfort, ensuring efficient and safe lifting operations in various industries.
  • The track rollers undergo stringent quality control processes to meet the highest standards of reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction.

IHI crawler crane track roller--The Steadfast Companion

  • Unique Advantage: Advanced Sealing and Bearing Systems
  • IHI crawler crane track rollers feature advanced sealing systems and specialized bearings, setting them apart in terms of durability and performance.
  • The sealing systems effectively protect against contaminants, extending the lifespan of the rollers and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • The specialized bearings minimize friction, enhance performance, and contribute to overall machine efficiency.
  • IHI’s track rollers undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, ensuring they meet the highest standards of reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.

SANY&XCMG crawler crane track roller--The Powerhouse Performer

  • Unique Advantage: Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness
  • SANY &XCMG crawler crane track rollers are known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • These rollers are designed to withstand heavy loads, resist wear, and perform reliably in demanding applications.
  • SANY &XCMG emphasize optimized manufacturing techniques and materials to deliver track rollers that offer excellent performance at competitive prices.
  • The track rollers undergo rigorous quality control processes to meet international standards, ensuring they contribute to reliable and efficient machine operation.

Where to buy these fantastic products?

Track Roller Brand And Type We Supply:




CX1100 CX2000 CX1000 CX1800 KH100 KH125 KH300-3 KH500-3 TH55-2 KH125-3 

KH150-3 KH180-3 KH100-1 KH125-2 KH150-2 KH180-2 KH230 KH500-2 KH700-2 KH300 KH300-2


HS885HD LR1600 LR1400 LR1280 LR1750 LR11350 HS872 HS873HD HS875HD

LR1650 HS852HD HS853HD HS855HD HS871HD HS882HD HS883HD


SCX2000 SCX2500 SCX2600 SCX2800-2 SCX400 SCX500 SCX700 SCX700-2 SCX800 

SCX1200-2 SCX1500 SCX1500-2 SCX800-2 SCX900 SCX900-2 SCX1000 SCX1200


CC2800 CC2000 CC2200 CC2400 CC2500 CC1500 CC1800


CKE1800 CKE2500 CKE2500-2 CKE900 CKE1000 CKE600 CKE700 CKE800 

BM500 BM600 BM650 BM700 BM800 BM900 BM1200 


8500 10000 12000 140000 15000 M250 M999 2250 3900 4000 4100 4500 4600S 


DCH650 DCH700 DCH800 DCH1000 DCH1200 CCH350 CCH400 CCH500 CCH500-2 CCH500-3 

CCH1500 CCH2000 CCH2500 CCH2800 CCH550 CCH650 CCH700 CCH800 CCH1000 CCH1200


SANY: SCC8200 SCC8100 SCC8300 SCC10000 SCC1600D SCC500B SCC500C SCC500D 

SCC1500D SCC1800 SCC2600A SCC3000WE SCC4000E SCC1000D SCC1250 SCC1500CC

SCC5000WE SCC6500E SCC7500 SCC500E SCC550C SCC600C SCC750C SCC800C


Value Crane is your ultimate destination for acquiring top-notch track rollers that surpass expectations. With a commitment to excellence, we offer a wide selection of high-quality crawler crane track rollers, ensuring superior performance and durability. Whether you need reliable replacements or seeking to upgrade your construction machinery, Value Crane provides a convenient and trustworthy source for acquiring these fantastic products.


Determining the “best” track rollers brand can depend on various factors, including specific requirements, preferences, and the nature of the construction project. Each brand mentioned earlier, such as Hitachi, Liebherr, Hitachi-Sumitomo, DEMAG, KOBELCO, MANITOWOC,  has its unique strengths and areas of expertise.


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