Crawler Crane VS Mobile Crane: Who’s The Best?

crawler crane VS mobile crane:Definition of each crane

Crawler cranes and mobile cranes both belong to the category of engineering lifting machinery, but they have significant differences in design and structure.

A crawler crane is designed with a chassis consisting of steel tracks, making it well-suited for construction environments with diverse terrains. This type of crane utilizes hydraulic controls to operate its boom, enabling it to effortlessly lift heavy loads and rotate a full 360 degrees.

In contrast, a mobile crane features a chassis built on a truck platform, making it particularly suitable for navigating relatively flat surfaces like cities and highways. Mobile cranes excel in short-distance transportation and construction projects. Similar to a crawler crane, a mobile crane’s boom is hydraulically controlled, but its lifting capacity and working range are limited due to the constraints of its chassis.

crawler crane VS mobile crane:the advantage & disadvantage

Crawler cranes and mobile cranes have distinct advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for different construction applications. It is essential to consider the specific strengths and limitations when choosing the appropriate crane for a construction project.

crawler crane - Versatility and Heavy Lifting Power

Crawler cranes, with their steel track chassis and hydraulic-powered booms, offer versatility and exceptional lifting capabilities. They can navigate diverse terrains and handle heavy loads with ease, making them the preferred choice for demanding construction projects.

The advantage of crawler crane

  • Crawler cranes have a high ground clearance, allowing them to operate smoothly on uneven terrains.
  • They have a significant lifting capacity, capable of handling heavy objects.
  • Crawler cranes can rotate a full 360 degrees, making them suitable for a wide range of lifting operations.
  • They possess substantial power, making them suitable for long-distance work.

the disadvantage of crawler crane

  • Crawler cranes have a slower movement speed, making them unsuitable for short-distance transportation.
  • The wide chassis of crawler cranes is not suitable for narrow construction sites.

Mobile crane - Mobility and Adaptability in Confined Spaces

Mobile cranes, built on truck chassis and equipped with hydraulic controls, excel in mobility and adaptability in tight spaces. Their ability to swiftly maneuver and operate in confined areas makes them ideal for construction projects that require flexibility and efficiency in urban or restricted environments.

The advantage of mobile crane

  • Mobile cranes have a fast movement speed, making them suitable for short-distance transportation.
  • Their narrow chassis is ideal for maneuvering in tight construction sites.
  • Mobile cranes are easy to install and dismantle, making them suitable for projects that require multiple relocations.

the disadvantage of mobile crane

  • Mobile cranes have lower power, resulting in smaller lifting capacities and limited working ranges.
  • They have a lower ground clearance, making them less suitable for working on uneven terrains.

crawler crane VS mobile crane: Suitable Applications

Crawler cranes and mobile cranes are designed for different applications, with each type excelling in specific construction scenarios.

the using environment of crawler crane

  • Crawler cranes are well-suited for construction projects in various terrains, such as marshes, beaches, and mountains.
  • They are ideal for lifting heavy objects over long distances.
  • Crawler cranes are suitable for projects that require frequent relocation, such as large-scale water conservancy, transportation, construction, and renovation projects.

the using environment of mobile crane

  • Mobile cranes are suitable for short-distance transportation and lifting operations on flat surfaces such as cities and highways.
  • They are commonly used in emergencies, such as road accidents or rescue operations.
  • Mobile cranes are suitable for situations that require frequent movement of the crane, such as large-scale on-site sports events.

crawler crane VS mobile crane: who win?

Determining a definitive winner between crawler cranes and mobile cranes is challenging since each crane type possesses unique features that cater to different applications. In fact, in certain complex projects, the crawler crane and mobile crane can be utilized together in a technique known as tandem lifting, where they work in tandem to lift heavy objects. This approach allows for the combined advantages of both crane types and is particularly beneficial when dealing with challenging lifting scenarios. 

The tandem lifting project of crawler crane & mobile crane

600T Crawler crane + 500T mobile crane

On October 3rd, 2023, a major milestone was achieved at the China Chemical Inner Mongolia New Material Coal-to-Ethylene Glycol Project, managed by China Chemical Donghua Technology. The installation of the second nitric acid reduction tower was completed, signaling the successful completion of the project’s heavy equipment lifting phase. Weighing an impressive 190 tons, the nitric acid reduction tower was lifted into place using a 600-ton crawler crane as the primary lifting equipment, supported by a 500-ton mobile crane. Employing tandem lifting with careful coordination, the team executed a “translate and lift” approach within the limited operating space, resulting in a successful installation on the very first attempt. This accomplishment signifies a significant advancement for the China Chemical Inner Mongolia New Material Coal-to-Ethylene Glycol Project.

500T mobile crane + 280T crawler crane

The Xinjiang Meike Phase 5 BDO Project, led by China Chemical Chengda Corporation, has achieved a significant milestone. Through meticulous planning and innovative installation methods, the team has successfully completed the installation of the boiler steam drum in the thermal power unit. This accomplishment highlights their commitment to efficient installation processes. The steam drum, weighing 43,644 kilograms and measuring 16.7 meters in length, was suspended from the top plate beam of the boiler at an elevation of 51.7 meters. Despite the complex on-site structure and limited space within the boiler framework, the team implemented advanced techniques. They employed a tandem lifting approach using a 500-ton mobile crane and a 280-ton crawler crane. By prioritizing safety and precision, the team ensured a successful and accurate installation, setting a high standard for the project.

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