Unveiling the Secrets of Crawler Crane Track Roller

When it comes to demanding lifting and construction tasks crawler cranes have become an element, in the industry. These remarkable machines are capable of lifting loads and operating in diverse terrains. Have you ever pondered over how these colossal cranes maneuver on the ground?

The solution lies within a component known as the track roller. In this article, we will delve into the realm of crawler crane track rollers examining their components, functionality, and significance within the construction sector.

What are the parts of a crawler crane?

The parts that make up a crawler crane are important to understand before looking closely at the track rollers. Crawler cranes contain various components that operate together to enable safe and productive operation. Key parts include the arm, jib, counterweights, operator booth, motor, hydraulic systems, and crawler treads.

The crawler tracks are vital components of a crawler crane because they supply stability and the ability to move across different ground surfaces. here help you to find the best crawler crane undercarriage parts manufacturer and buying tips. The tracks have several parts, and track rollers are some of the most important.

How does a crawler crane work?

To know the role of a track roller, it is crucial to grasp the functionality of a crawler crane as a whole. Crawler cranes are equipped with a set of tracks that enable them to move smoothly across various surfaces. It’s also important to know more about crawler crane track shoe safety, performance & savings. Unlike traditional wheeled cranes, crawler cranes distribute their weight evenly over a larger area, reducing ground pressure and allowing them to operate on softer or uneven ground.

The crawler tracks, powered by the crane’s engine, propel the machine forward or backward and facilitate its rotation. This movement is made possible by the combined effort of several components, including the track roller.

crawler cranes can operate at what degrees?

Crawler cranes can operate at a full 360-degree rotation horizontally and have adjustable booms that can be raised or lowered to different angles, ranging from near-vertical to horizontal or any angle in between. Some crawler cranes also come with a luffing jib for steeper angles and specialized cranes like mast and tower cranes have their own specific operating ranges. The exact operating capabilities can vary depending on the crane’s model and attachments.

What is a crawler crane track roller?

A track roller is a key component of a crawler crane’s track system. It is essentially a cylindrical wheel that serves as a support mechanism for the crawler tracks. These rollers are typically made of high-strength materials such as steel and are designed to endure heavy loads and frequent movement.

Crawler cranes typically employ multiple track rollers on each side of the machine to ensure stability and balance. The number of track rollers may vary depending on the crane’s size and lifting capacity. Used crawler crane track rollers are often available in the market, offering a cost-effective solution for replacements or repairs.

Kobelco BMS1000 bottom roller

Exporting Country: Hongkong

Material: roller body: 40MN2,shaft:40CR
Top-quality materials, long-lasting performance and durability

Warranty: 1 year

Other hot-selling Kobelco models: CKE800 CKS800 CKS900 CKL1000i CK2000 CKS2500 CKE2500 PH5035 7055 7080 7100 7250S 7300

Other best selling Liebherr models: LR1650 HS852HD HS853HD HS855HD HS871HD HS872 HS873HD HS875HD HS882HD HS883HD HS885HD LR1600 LR1400 LR1280 LR1750 LR11350

The Liebherr LR1400 is a crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 400 metric tons (440 US tons). It is suitable for heavy lifting tasks in construction and industrial projects.

The Liebherr LR1750 is a high-capacity crawler crane with a 750 metric ton lifting capacity and a long main boom. It is designed for heavy lifting in construction and industrial projects.

The Liebherr LR 1600 is a crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 600 metric tons (660 US tons). It features a main boom that can extend up to 145 meters (476 feet) and is suitable for heavy lifting in construction and industrial projects.

The Liebherr LR 13000 is a powerful crawler crane with an exceptional lifting capacity. lr 13000 crane is widely used in heavy-duty construction projects and has impressive specifications and features.

If you need any Kobelco crane parts please contact with our expert.

What are the parts of a crawler crane track roller?

A crawler crane track roller itself is a composite structure consisting of several parts that work together to provide smooth movement and support to the crawler crane. The primary components of a roller track include the outer shell, inner bushing, shaft, seals, and bearings.

The outer shell, usually made of hardened steel, protects the internal components from external elements and provides structural integrity. The inner bushing, made of self-lubricating material, reduces friction and wear between the roller and the track link.

The shaft connects the roller to the crane’s frame and enables rotational movement. Seals ensure that contaminants, such as dirt and water, do not enter the roller assembly, thus extending its lifespan. Lastly, bearings enable the smooth rotation of the track roller as it moves along the crawler tracks.

If you’re in need of crawler crane track roller parts or considering a replacement, Value Crane offers crawler crane track rollers for sale to meet your specific requirements.

How does a track roller work?

As the crawler crane moves, the track rollers play a vital role in supporting the machine’s weight and ensuring smooth track operation. When the crane’s engine generates power, it transfers the drive force to the crawler tracks. The track rollers, mounted on the crane’s frame, distribute this force evenly across the tracks.

As the crawler crane moves forward, the track rollers rotate, allowing the tracks to roll over the ground. This rotational movement reduces friction between the tracks and the ground, minimizing wear and tear on both components. The track rollers’ design and construction ensure that the crane maintains stability, even on challenging terrains, allowing it to perform its lifting tasks safely and efficiently. For more detail about track roller contact us on Facebook.

In conclusion

crawler crane track rollers are an integral part of these powerful machines, enabling their movement and providing stability on various terrains. Understanding the composition and functionality of track rollers helps in appreciating the complex engineering behind crawler cranes.

Whether you’re in need of crawler crane track roller parts or exploring options for a used crawler crane track roller, it’s essential to consider reputable suppliers that offer reliable and durable components.

With the right track roller, your crawler crane will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently, contributing to the success of your construction projects.


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