7 Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining Your Crawler Crane Parts

For a crawler crane operator, It is one thing to know the operative skills but how to maintain the parts properly is another. The fact of the matter is if you want to make the best of your machinery, proper maintenance of its parts is essential.

Do a good job of crawler crane components inspection benefits a lot. For example, it can ensure the good performance of equipment, prolong the service life. More than that, It can also save the cost and improve the working productivity. To properly maintain crawler crane parts, here are 7 mistakes you should avoid:

1. Fail to Identify The Problem Correctly

Some operators are not very clear about the structure and principle of construction machinery. Even they can not correctly find out which part is in the problem. They are always eager to dismantle and unload the crawler crane parts under an ambiguous judgment. That will cause huge maintenance problems.

When equipment fails, it makes sense to check out the parts with professional detection equipment. Before that, you should master the structure and principle of a crawler crane. In this way, you can get a basic judgment for possible failure positions.

2. Replace Crawler Crane Components at Random

Making an accurate judgment about crawler crane parts failure is not an easy job. Some operators are used to troubleshoot failures by constantly replacing parts. No matter large or small, as long as the parts are likely to cause the faults, they will replace them. As a consequence, not only the trouble is not eliminated, but also the original good spare parts have been replaced too. Undoubtedly, that will add the expense for buying new replacement parts.

The correct way is to carefully analyze and judge the cause and position of the fault according to the phenomenon, fix the parts that can be restored to technical performance through repair. But never blind replace parts.

3. Neglect of New Replacement Parts Quality

Before replacing a new crawler crane part, some operators do not conduct any technical inspection, directly install it in equipment. It is an incorrect operation. Some spare parts may have a change in performance after long storage time.

Before installing the new parts, operators must carry out the necessary performance testing and observe the appearance. Making sure the new parts are qualified helps prevent unnecessary troubles.

4. Misuse of Accessories

In the maintenance of crawler crane, misuse of crawler crane spare parts are common. Misuse of accessories for a long time is harmful, which may cause a serious safety hazard to the construction. Some operators have little knowledge of mechanical construction principles. They neglect whether the new part conforms to the original part model or not, so long as it can be installed.

The correct way is to try to adopt the original model of accessories or OEM aftermarket parts when repairing construction machinery. Only in this way can the mechanical properties be as stable as before.

5. Use Unqualified Bolts

Indiscriminate use of bolts is still common. The performance of the substandard bolts can not meet the technical requirements that may lead to frequent mechanical failures. For instance, Some crawler crane parts need “small pitch” bolts. If substitute them with unqualified products will lead to disassemble difficulty. What is worse, Repeated use of unqualified parts may also trigger mechanical failure or serious accidents.

For the special bolts of crawler crane, such as transmission, cylinder head, injector fixing bolts, etc, they are all made of specified material through special processing. The most outstanding features of them are strong shear resistance and good toughness. Therefore, when repairing the crawler crane, never use any substitutes. It is commended to purchase bolts with reasonable processing technology and quality inspection reports from professional manufacturers.

6. Ignore Replacing Parts in Pairs

There are many coupling parts on the crawler crane, such as the piston pair, the main and driven gears in the main reducer, the valve core and sleeve in the full hydraulic steering gear. These mating parts are made by special processing and ground in pairs in the factory. So the cooperation between matching parts is very precise. Even if one of them is damaged, remember to replace it in pairs. Otherwise, the significant difference in quality among them may lead to premature wear of new accessories. Moreover, that also will lead to the unstable running of diesel engines, oil leakage of the hydraulic system.

7. Overlook The Maintenance of Small Accessories

In the maintenance work, some people more pay attention to taking care of fuel injection pump, oil delivery pump, piston, cylinder liner, piston ring, and other components, but ignore the maintenance of “small diesel engine parts” such as filter, relief valve, and various instruments. They think that these “small parts” could not affect the machinery working. It is not a big deal even if they are damaged, as long as the machinery is working normally. However, lacking maintenance for “small components” will shorten the life of machinery.

Small crawler crane parts like Air filter, water temperature gauge, sensor plug, oil tank cover are essential for the normal operation of a crawler crane. Taking good care of them will extend the service life of the equipment.

The above are 7 mistakes to avoid when maintaining your crawler crane parts. It is worth noting for owners. Do let me know if I missed anything, or if you had a different experience in taking care of machinery! I’m looking forward to some good comments on this post!

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