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The role of crawler crane Sprocket: It is installed at the rear of the crane undercarriage and is an indispensable part of the crane. The Sprocket transmits the power from the reducer to the crawler through the meshing of the gear and the crawler, thereby driving the crane forward. Idler Function: 1. Guide the correct winding of the track shoes, and use the tensioning gear to move the idler to adjust the tension of the track shoes.  2. It also plays the role of guiding and positioning. About KOBELCO CKE2500 CRAWLER CRANE SPROCKETS AND IDLERS Order details We provide:  ① Quality inspection  ② Customer customized service: sizes,color and packing. ③ 24 hours online technical support and one-stop service. ④  1 year warranty About Us/products Dalian Zhaohua specializes in the production of crawler undercarriage parts, with more than 20 years of  experience in production and sales, including track shoes, bottom rollers, top rollers,sprockets, idlers, track  chains,slewing bearing and etc.  Hot-selling brands and

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How To Use The Crawler Crane Winch Pawl Device
Undercarriage & Spare Parts

How to use the crawler crane winch pawl device

At present, lifting machinery is widely used in industrial and civil construction. Among them, crawler cranes are favored by the construction industry due to their strong adaptability and large lifting capacity. Crawler crane lifting, and luffing are completed by the winch action, winch failure is light to trigger the safety risks, heavy car damage. So how to ensure the safety of winch operation is the top priority of crawler crane operation.

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Case – how crawler cranes are used in road construction

Crawler cranes are smooth walking and flexible moving, and crawler-type equipment has higher applicability in the soft base sections. Crawler cranes erect girders with better foundation requirements than automobile cranes, giving full play to the characteristics of crawler stress dispersion and saving erection construction costs. In this case area, the bridge dispersion construction project can give full play to the characteristics of the crawler crane.

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How You Can Protect Yourself when operating Crawler Crane

We use crawler cranes in many fields of use. If used improperly may pose a threat to personal safety.
crawler cranes are heavy machinery that is used to lift heavy objects. They are usually mounted on a crawler track and can be used in various industries such as construction, mining and steel production.

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How to Prevent Damage to Crane Undercarriage from Working Conditions

The undercarriage is made up of two main parts, the frame and the track. The frame is made up of a series of beams that are connected to each other to form a rectangle. These beams are usually made of steel or aluminum and they will be bolted together with nuts or welded at their edges. The track is usually made out of steel and it will sit on top of the frame, which will help guide it as it moves around.

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