Hydraulic Crawler Crane: Power For Heavy Operations

 Recognized for their formidable lifting capacity, hydraulic crawler cranes are robust heavy-duty machines. These cranes are highly sought after across a range of industrial and forestry sectors, excelling in efficient lifting and loading operations. With exceptional features and capabilities, they are the ultimate solution for handling large and heavy objects with ease and precision.

what is a hydraulic crawler crane

A hydraulic crawler crane is a type of heavy-duty lifting equipment that combines the features of a hydraulic crane with a crawler undercarriage. It is designed to provide superior lifting capabilities, stability, and mobility, especially in challenging terrains or construction sites with uneven ground surfaces.

The crane’s hydraulic system powers the lifting and lowering of loads, as well as other functions such as telescoping the boom, extending or retracting the jib, and operating various attachments. The crawler undercarriage consists of a set of tracks or crawlers that allow the crane to move smoothly across different surfaces, including soft or rough terrains.

features of hydraulic crawler crane

With advanced operation systems and a reputation for reliability, hydraulic crawler cranes redefine efficiency and performance in modern construction and logistics operations. Let’s delve deeper into their exceptional features and discover why they are the preferred heavy-duty equipment in the industry.

Impressive Lifting Capacity

These cranes excel in handling heavy loads, meeting the demanding lifting requirements of various industrial and forestry sectors.

Versatility across Industries

Widely applicable in industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, transportation, power, steel, and energy, serving diverse lifting operations.

Efficient Operation System

Advanced hydraulic and electronic control systems ensure precise and efficient crane operations.

Exceptional Stability

The crawler track design provides a stable base, allowing these cranes to navigate uneven terrains with ease.

Self-Loading and Unloading Capability

Integrated systems simplify operations and enhance productivity.

Advanced Monitoring System

Equipped with fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring features, connected via CAN-BUS to an electronic excavator system.

Comfortable Operator Environment

The spacious and adjustable operator cab offers a comfortable working environment, with a large-screen moment limiter displaying dynamic hook positions.

telescopic and hydraulic Crawler Crane: A Comparison

A hydraulic crawler crane and a telescopic crawler crane are two different types of cranes that share some similarities but also have distinct features.

hydraulic crawler crane

A hydraulic crawler crane is a type of crane that utilizes a hydraulic system for its lifting and operating functions. It is typically equipped with a telescopic boom or lattice boom, which can be extended or retracted to adjust the working height and reach of the crane. The crawler undercarriage, consisting of tracks or crawlers, provides stability and mobility on various terrains. The hydraulic cranes are known for their impressive lifting capacities and are commonly used in heavy construction, infrastructure projects, and other applications that require lifting and moving heavy loads.

telescopic crawler crane

A telescopic crawler crane, on the other hand, is a specific subtype of hydraulic crawler crane that features a telescopic boom as its primary lifting mechanism. The telescopic boom consists of multiple sections that can be extended or retracted to achieve different boom lengths. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in reaching specific heights and working ranges. Telescopic crawler cranes are often preferred for tasks that require extensive vertical and horizontal reach, such as lifting loads to great heights or working in confined spaces.

other types of hydraulic crawler crane

In addition to the telescopic crawler crane, there are other types of hydraulic crawler cranes that are used in various industries and applications. Here are a few examples:

Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

This type of hydraulic crane features a lattice boom, which consists of a framework of interconnected steel sections. Lattice boom cranes offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for higher lifting capacities and longer boom lengths. They are commonly used in heavy construction, infrastructure projects, and in tasks that require lifting extremely heavy loads at great heights.

Dragline Crane

A dragline crane is a specialized type of hydraulic crawler crane used primarily in mining and excavation operations. It is equipped with a large bucket or dragline that is suspended from the boom. This bucket is used to excavate materials from the ground, such as soil or minerals. Dragline cranes are known for their exceptional digging and lifting capabilities, making them efficient machines for large-scale earthmoving projects.

Hydraulic crawler crane model type

The XCMG QUY series and Sany SCC 550E hydraulic crawler cranes are remarkable pieces of heavy machinery that embody power, versatility, and reliability.

QUY series hydraulic crawler crane

The QUY series crawler crane stands out with its fully revolving, three-section telescopic boom design, perfectly suited for operating in marshy areas. Equipped with a robust Cummins engine, an elongated and widened dedicated chassis, and wetland-type triangular track shoes, it effortlessly tackles uneven work sites and short-distance movement requirements. In marshy regions where tire cranes struggle to operate, the QUY series showcases its exceptional capabilities. The hexagonal three-section telescopic boom not only ensures work stability but also expands the overall working range, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of lifting tasks.

SCC 550E hydraulic crawler crane

On the other hand, the SCC 550E crawler crane impresses with its highly secured control system and efficient performance. With features like an electronic level gauge, machine-leaving stop action, and emergency electrical control, it prioritizes safety during operations. The load moment limiter eliminates the need for calibration, enhancing equipment safety and reducing auxiliary operating time. The wide-track chassis guarantees excellent overall and operating stability within a 360-degree slewing range. With a maximum lifting capacity of 203.5t-m, a fully extended boom length of 52m, and a rated single rope pull of 6.5t for the main boom and auxiliary winch, the SCC 550E delivers powerful lifting capabilities.


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