Best Choice For Undercarriage: Crawler Crane Rubber Track

Crawler cranes are robust machines extensively used in demanding construction and lifting operations. While steel tracks are the preferred choice for their undercarriage, an alternative option gaining popularity is the track known as the crawler crane rubber track. In this blog, we delve into the concept of rubber tracks, their characteristics, and diverse applications, shedding light on the benefits they offer in various scenarios. 

What's Crawler crane Rubber Track?

Rubber track for crawler crane is a vital component used in tracked machinery, consisting of rubber tracks and a metal framework. The metal framework of crawler crane rubber tracks includes connecting pads, track axles, gears, wheel rims, and other components. These parts collectively enable functions such as driving, support, and traction for the rubber tracks.

The components of rubber track for crawler crane

To gain a comprehensive understanding of crawler crane rubber tracks, it is important to examine the various components involved, including gears, connecting pads, and track axles. These components contribute significantly to the performance and durability of the rubber tracks. Let’s explore the functions and dimensions of these key parts in detail.


The gear of crane undercarriage serves as a vital power transmission component on the rubber track, facilitating the transfer of driving force to the track axles and tracks. Gears are available in various configurations, featuring different outer diameters and tooth counts. The specific size of the gear depends on the particular model of the crawler crane rubber track.

Connecting Pad

The connecting pad is a thin metal plate that plays a crucial role in linking the metal framework and track axles of the rubber track. Designed to ensure a secure connection, connecting pads are tailored to the specific width, thickness, and pitch of the rubber track. Their dimensions are carefully chosen to maintain the integrity and stability of the entire system.

Track Axle

The track axle serves as a fixed component on the rubber track, providing essential support and stability to the metal framework. Typically crafted from durable materials such as steel or cast iron, track axles vary in size depending on the model of the rubber track pad. Their dimensions are carefully determined to withstand the rigors of heavy construction and lifting operations while ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Iron Components in Rubber Track Pad

Rubber track pads consist of a combination of rubber, steel wires, and iron components that play a crucial role in maintaining the track’s integrity. The iron components, specifically, are responsible for connecting the rubber track with the steel wires, providing structural support and enhancing overall durability.

To guarantee optimal performance, the iron components within rubber track pads are typically crafted using high-quality alloy steel materials. Commonly employed alloys include 65Mn, 50Mn, 40Cr, and other similar grades known for their exceptional properties. These materials exhibit remarkable strength, superior wear resistance, and an extended service life, ensuring that the rubber tracks can withstand the harsh demands of challenging work environments.

The Role and Importance of Iron Components in Rubber Track Pad

crawler crane rubber track 03

Iron components within rubber track pads serve multiple crucial functions, including connection, support, resistance against bending and cracking, and fixation. Throughout the extended periods of operation, these iron components play a vital role in enabling the rubber tracks to withstand and distribute forces from various directions, reducing the potential damage caused by excessive vibration.

Connection:Iron components in rubber tracks serve as connectors, effectively joining the rubber track with the steel wires, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

  • Support: These iron components provide structural support to the rubber track for crawler crane, helping it withstand and distribute forces from various directions, enhancing its load-bearing capacity.
  • Resistance against bending and cracking: The presence of iron components helps prevent excessive bending and cracking of the rubber track, ensuring its integrity and durability even in challenging working conditions.
  • Fixation: Iron components aid in fixing the crawler crane rubber track in place, preventing shifting or displacement during operation, which contributes to the overall stability and safety of the track.

Vibration reduction

By assisting in dispersing forces and minimizing excessive vibrations, the iron components help reduce potential damage to the rubber track, ensuring its longevity and performance.

Shape maintenance

Iron components play a role in maintaining the shape and form of the rubber track, ensuring its optimal performance and preventing deformations that could affect its functionality.

Improved overall stability

The presence of robust iron components enhances the overall stability of the rubber track, allowing it to operate smoothly and reliably in demanding work environments.

Extended lifespan

The effective support and protection provided by the iron components contribute to the longevity of the rubber track, reducing wear and tear and extending its useful life.

Material and Characteristics of Rubber Track Framework

crawler crane rubber track 04

The crawler crane rubber track framework is the core component of the track and ensures its proper operation by connecting the two ends of the track. The common materials used for rubber track frameworks are steel wire and Kevlar.

steel Wire Framework & Kevlar Framework For Rubber Track

Steel wire framework is a traditional material choice. It is made of high-strength steel wires woven together, offering high load-bearing capacity and excellent wear resistance, making it suitable for harsh working environments. However, steel wire frameworks have their drawbacks, such as being heavy, prone to rust, and generating noise under heavy vibrations.

Kevlar framework, on the other hand, is a newer material option. It is made from high-strength Kevlar fibers, providing high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, Kevlar frameworks are lighter than steel wire frameworks. Additionally, Kevlar frameworks exhibit good vibration absorption and noise reduction properties, enhancing the comfort and safety of vehicles and machinery during operation.

In conclusion, each framework has its own features:

Steel wire framework for rubber track

  • High strength and excellent wear resistance.
  • Heavyweight and susceptible to rust.
  • High tensile, compressive, and tear strength.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty construction machinery.

Kevlar framework for rubber track

  • Lightweight, high strength, and excellent wear resistance.
  • High tensile, compressive, and tear strength.
  • Long lifespan, resistant to aging and deformation.
  • Good vibration absorption and noise reduction properties.

working environment of cralwer crane rubber track

Here are the guidelines for selecting the operating environment for rubber tracks:

  • Temperature Range: Crawler crane rubber tracks are designed to be used within a temperature range of approximately -25°C to +55°C.

  • Protection from Chemicals and Saltwater: Exposure to chemicals, such as certain types of chemical agents or engine oils, as well as saltwater, can accelerate the aging process of rubber track pads. To maintain their longevity, it is crucial to rinse the tracks thoroughly after use in environments where chemical substances or saltwater are present.

  • Surface Conditions: Uneven road surfaces, road curbs, or ruts can cause stress on the edges of the rubber track for crawler crane, leading to the development of cracks in the tread pattern. If these cracks are superficial and do not affect the internal steel wire components, the tracks can still be safely used.

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