The Liebherr LR 1750: Empowering Construction Excellence

When it comes to heavy-duty lifting operations, the Liebherr LR 1750 crawler crane stands tall as a symbol of power, precision, and versatility. This impressive machine combines a robust design, exceptional performance, and a wide range of applications, making it an invaluable asset in the construction industry. In this blog, we will delve into three key aspects of the Liebherr LR 1750: its design, performance, and applications.

The design of Liebherr LR 1750

Max.carrying capacity


Travel speed


At. max. reach 

84 m

Carrying capacity


Engine manuf


Max. standard boom

21 m

Max. standard boom


Revolutions at max torque

1800 rpm

Max. hook height

105 m

Max. luffing jib


No. of cylinders


Engine power

455 kw

Load Torque


At reach

8 m

Maxi. torque

2842 Nm

LR 1750 Parameter

The design of the Liebherr 1750 crawler crane showcases a harmonious blend of form and function. Built with precision and efficiency in mind, its design elements contribute to its exceptional performance and adaptability on construction sites.

The lattice boom structure of LR1750

One of the key design features of the LR1750 is its lattice boom structure. Constructed from high-strength steel, the lattice boom provides a perfect balance between strength and weight. This design choice allows for optimal load-bearing capacity while keeping the overall weight of the crane manageable.

The lattice boom design also offers flexibility in extension and retraction. This adjustability enables the crane to adapt to different project requirements, reaching various heights and reaching over obstacles with ease. The modular nature of the boom system allows for convenient transportation and assembly, enhancing the crane’s mobility and efficiency.

LR 1750's crawler configuration

The LR1750’s crawler configuration is another notable aspect of its design. Equipped with large rubber tracks, the crane ensures superior maneuverability and stability, even on challenging terrains. These robust tracks provide excellent traction and distribute the crane’s weight evenly, minimizing ground pressure and enabling it to access remote or uneven work sites.

the advantage of LR1750's rubber track

The large rubber tracks of the Liebherr LR 1750 crawler crane play a crucial role in its design, contributing to its exceptional maneuverability and stability across various terrains. These robust tracks are specifically designed to handle the demanding conditions encountered on construction sites.

Even weight distribution

The large rubber tracks help distribute the weight of the crane evenly over a larger surface area. By spreading the load, they minimize ground pressure, reducing the risk of sinking or causing damage to the underlying terrain. This is particularly beneficial when working on sensitive or soft ground, preserving the integrity of the construction site.

Versatile terrain access

The LR 1750’s large rubber tracks enable it to access remote or challenging work sites that may be inaccessible to wheeled vehicles or cranes with different track configurations. The tracks provide the necessary mobility and stability to traverse various terrains, including rough or uneven surfaces, gravel, and mud.

Reduced environmental impact

The use of large rubber tracks helps minimize the environmental impact of the Liebherr LR 1750. By distributing weight and reducing ground pressure, the tracks mitigate soil compaction and damage to the terrain. This preservation of the environment aligns with sustainable construction practices.

LR1750 Performance

The Liebherr LR 1750 is renowned for its exceptional lifting capabilities. With a maximum carrying capacity of 750 tons, this crawler crane can tackle heavy loads with ease. Its impressive reach extends up to 84 meters, while the maximum boom length reaches 140 meters. These specifications allow the crane to handle large-scale construction tasks, such as bridge building, high-rise construction, and wind turbine installations.

The luffing mechanism & high-performance engine of LR1750

Equipped with a luffing mechanism, the LR1750 offers flexible boom angle adjustment, ensuring precise positioning of loads at various heights. This feature enhances both safety and efficiency during lifting operations.

Powered by a high-performance engine, the Liebherr 1750’s hydraulic system enables smooth and reliable operation. The crane’s advanced control systems and load management technology ensure precise load handling, even in the most demanding conditions. These performance features contribute to the LR 1750’s reputation as a reliable workhorse for heavy lifting tasks.

The Applications of Liebherr LR1750

The LR1750 crawler crane is particularly suitable for power plants, oil refineries, bridge construction sites, and the assembly of wind turbines. With a lifting capacity of 750 tons, it features a main boom of 140 meters, a luffing fly jib of 105 meters, an assembly auxiliary boom of 21 meters, and a mast, as well as 400 tons of suspended counterweight or counterweight trailers, making it highly versatile. The compact size of the crane components and its moderate weight result in very low transportation costs to construction sites. When using the luffing jib, the 750-ton crane can also be used as a “foundation crane” with a supporting base size of 13×13 meters. As a result, the lifting capacity is increased by 370%.

what's lR 1750/2

The 1750/2 is an upgraded model of the LR 1750 crawler crane manufactured by Liebherr. It incorporates several modifications and improvements to enhance its performance and capabilities. Here is the upgraded information of the 1750/2:

Increased Load Capacity

Liebherr has strengthened the main boom and adjusted the derrick system, resulting in a significant increase in the crane’s load capacity. In certain areas, the LR 1750/2 offers up to 30% higher load capacity compared to its predecessor. This enhancement allows the crane to handle heavier loads, making it more versatile and efficient on construction sites.

Extended Derrick System

The 1750/2 features an extended derrick boom, which has been lengthened by 7 meters to reach a total length of 38.5 meters. This extension provides the crane with a wider working range and greater flexibility, allowing it to reach higher elevations and handle complex lifting tasks with ease.

Improved Ballast Trailer

As part of the modifications, the LR 1750/2’s ballast trailer has been enhanced. It now incorporates a hydraulic drive unit, which improves the trailer’s maneuverability and handling. This modification simplifies the transportation and setup processes, enhancing overall efficiency on the job site.

Enhanced Safety Features

Liebherr has prioritized safety in the LR 1750/2. The crane is equipped with additional platforms and access points, allowing operators and personnel to move safely around the machine. Furthermore, the railings have been extended and improved to provide better fall protection and ensure a secure working environment.

Compatibility with Existing Equipment Components

Liebherr has ensured that the 1750/2 remains compatible with existing equipment components from the Liebherr 1750 model. This means that crane contractors who already own LR 1750 cranes can seamlessly integrate the new LR 1750/2 into their fleets without requiring extensive modifications or replacements. This compatibility offers cost savings and convenience for crane operators.

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