What’s The Material Of Crawler Crane Parts ?

Best material, best quality. Using high-quality crawler crane parts material is crucial for ensuring the best quality and performance. We prioritize the selection of top-notch materials to guarantee durability and reliability. By sourcing the finest materials available, we deliver crawler crane parts that surpass expectations ,and set the industry standard for excellence. Our commitment to quality drives us to consistently provide superior products.

The high-quality material for track plates

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To ensure optimal performance and longevity of crawler crane track plates, it is essential to utilize high-quality material. 

The Material Of Crawler Crane Track Plates






C%–0.27-0.34  Si%–0.6-0.9,  Mn%–1.40-1.80



C%–0.24-0.32,  Cr%–0.7-0.9   Mn%—0.8-1.1  Mo%–0.25-0.4

More than 300t


C%–0.27-0.33,  Cr%–0.80-1.20, Ni%–3.0-4.0, Mo%–0.30-0.60, Mn%–0.60-1.0

Crawler Crane Parts Material-31SiMn2

31SiMn2 is a high-quality, low-alloy steel used for crawler crane track plates in the 50-80t weight range. It offers excellent strength, toughness, and wear resistance, ensuring durability and reliable performance under heavy loads and harsh conditions.

Parts Material-28CrMnMo

28CrMnMo is a superior material utilized for crawler crane track plates in the weight range of 100-300t. It is a high-strength alloy steel with excellent wear resistance, making it ideal for withstanding the rigorous conditions encountered by crawler cranes. 

Parts Material-30NiCrMo

For crawler crane track plates with a weight capacity exceeding 300t, 30NiCrMo is a preferred material. It is a high-strength alloy steel known for its exceptional strength, toughness, and durability. This material offers outstanding load-bearing capacity, enabling it to support extremely heavy loads encountered by large crawler cranes. 

The Best Material For Track rollers

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At VALUNE CRANE, we take pride in offering a wide variety of track rollers for crawler cranes,such as Liebherr track roller,Hitachi track roller and so on. The track roller is a vital component in crawler crane systems, playing a crucial role in supporting and guiding the crane’s tracks.

The Material Of Crawler Crane Track Roller




Track Roller


C%–0.37-0.44,  Mn%–1.4-1.8  Si%–0.17-0.37


C%–0.38-0.45,Mn%–0.5-0.8  Cr%–0.90-1.20  Mo%–0.15-0.25 Si%–0.17-0.37

Crawler Crane Parts Material-40MN2

The 40MN2 steel composition typically includes a carbon content range of 0.37-0.44%, manganese content of 1.4-1.8%, and silicon content of 0.17-0.37%. This composition provides excellent strength and toughness to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. Additionally, the inclusion of manganese and silicon enhances the steel’s hardenability and wear resistance, ensuring prolonged service life for the track rollers.

parts Material-42CrMo

The 42CrMo steel used in our track rollers contains carbon within the range of 0.38-0.45%, manganese within 0.5-0.8%, chromium within 0.90-1.20%, molybdenum within 0.15-0.25%, and silicon within 0.17-0.37%. This alloy steel offers high strength, good hardenability, and improved resistance to wear and fatigue. The chromium and molybdenum content contribute to the steel’s enhanced toughness, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions.

The excellent material for Roller chain sprocket

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The Material Of Crawler Crane Chain Sprocket

Crawler crane parts name



Crawler Crane chain Sprocket


C%–0.37-0.44,  Mn%–1.4-1.8  Si%–0.17-0.37

The use of ZG40MN2 steel in our roller chain sprockets provides several advantages. The carbon content enhances the sprocket’s strength and hardness, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and resist wear. The manganese content contributes to the sprocket’s toughness and impact resistance, making it suitable for demanding applications. Additionally, the silicon content aids in improving the steel’s hardenability and corrosion resistance.

By utilizing ZG40MN2 steel with specific composition ranges, our roller chain sprockets deliver excellent performance, durability, and reliability. They ensure smooth engagement with the chain, facilitating efficient power transmission and facilitating the proper movement of machinery. Trust VALUNE CRANE for high-quality chain sprockets that meet your machinery’s needs.

the suitable material for Crawler crane idler gear

The Material Of Crawler Crane Idler Gear 




Crawler crane idler gear


C%–0.37-0.44,  Mn%–1.4-1.8  Si%–0.17-0.37

Crawler crane idler gears at VALUNE CRANE are manufactured with the same high-quality ZG40MN2 steel composition as our crawler crane sprockets. 

Using the same composition for both the idler gears and sprockets ensures compatibility and balanced performance within the crawler crane’s track system.By utilizing ZG40MN2 steel with specific composition ranges, our crawler crane idler gears exhibit excellent performance, durability, and reliability. They facilitate smooth and efficient movement of the crawler crane tracks, contributing to the overall functionality and longevity of the crane’s undercarriage system.


In conclusion, the selection of crawler crane parts material is vital for ensuring reliable performance and durability. At VALUNE CRANE, we prioritize the quality of our products.

By consistently utilizing ZG40MN2 steel in our crawler crane parts, we ensure compatibility, balanced performance, and the ability to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in crawler crane applications. Trust VALUNE CRANE for parts that delivers exceptional performance and durability.


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