Hot Sale Model Type Of Liebherr Crawler Crane Undercarriage

The Liebherr crawler crane is a strong and adaptable lifting machine specifically designed for demanding construction projects. Renowned for its durability, accuracy, and cutting-edge technology, it has become a top choice in the industry. The undercarriage parts of Liebherr crawler cranes are highly sought after in the market due to their exceptional performance. Now, let’s delve into the popular models of Liebherr crawler crane undercarriage and highlight the reasons behind their success.

LR1280-the most porpular Liebherr Underrcarriage

The Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane has an operating weight of approximately 224.4 tons. This weight includes several components and features of the crane. The basic machine with crawlers contributes to the overall weight, along with two main winches with a lifting capacity of 150 kN. The main boom, which consists of an A-frame, boom foot (7 m), boom head (7 m), and boom extension (6 m), also adds to the weight.

Liebherr LR1280 undercarriage

The undercarriage of the Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane is a crucial component that provides stability, mobility, and support to the machine. Designed to withstand heavy loads and challenging terrains, it ensures reliable performance on construction sites.

The core of the Liebherr crawler crane undercarriage are the robust crawler tracks. These tracks offer excellent traction and stability, distributing the crane’s weight evenly to minimize ground pressure and prevent sinking or slipping. The track frames provide structural support, constructed with high-strength steel to withstand the forces generated during lifting operations.

LR1280 undercarriage incorporates a powerful drive system, including hydraulic motors, gears, and sprockets, enabling smooth and controlled movement of the crane. Rollers and idlers guide and support the crawler tracks, reducing friction and maintaining proper tension for optimal performance.

Additionally, a track tensioning system allows for adjustment of the crawler tracks’ tension, ensuring they remain tight and secure during operation. This optimizes performance and reduces the risk of derailment.

The Main Parts Of Liebherr LR1280 Undercarriage

The Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane undercarriage consists of several main parts that contribute to its stability, mobility, and overall performance. These parts include:

Liebherr LR1280 Track roller

The Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane undercarriage is equipped with track rollers. The track rollers play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the crane and facilitating smooth movement across various terrains.

The track rollers are cylindrical components that are positioned along the bottom of the crawler tracks. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide stability to the crane during operation. The number and arrangement of track rollers may vary based on the specific configuration of the crane.

Each LR1280 track roller consists of a durable outer shell and a set of bearings that allow it to rotate freely. The bearings are designed to handle the dynamic forces and loads encountered during lifting operations and movement of the crane. This rotation enables the track rollers to guide the crawler tracks and reduce friction, enhancing the overall efficiency of the crane’s movement.

liebherr LR1280 Idler

The idler of the Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane undercarriage boasts a robust construction, tensioning capabilities, guidance mechanism, and strategic positioning. These unique features contribute to the crane’s stability, smooth operation, and longevity of the undercarriage system. The LR1280 idler is designed to withstand the demands of heavy lifting operations and challenging working conditions, ensuring reliable and efficient performance on construction sites.

Liebherr LR1280 sprocket

The sprocket is strategically located at the rear of the Liebherr crawler crane undercarriage, working in conjunction with the drive system to propel the crane. It converts the rotational motion generated by the drive system into linear motion, enabling the crawler tracks to move and the crane to traverse various terrains.

One notable feature of the LR1280 sprocket is its toothed wheel design. The sprocket is equipped with teeth that engage with the links of the crawler tracks, creating a positive drive system. This engagement ensures efficient power transmission, allowing the crane to move with precision and control.

Liebherr LR1280 track shoes

Liebherr LR1280 track shoes offer unique features that enhance their performance and distinguish them from others in the market.

One notable feature is their self-cleaning design, incorporating specialized contours and profiles. This design prevents the accumulation of debris, mud, or other materials, ensuring uninterrupted traction and reducing the risk of track slippage. By maintaining a clean surface, the LR1280 track shoes optimize performance and minimize downtime caused by cleaning or maintenance.

The hot sale reason of liebherr LR1280 Undercarriage

Versatile Track System

The LR1280 undercarriage features a versatile track system that allows it to navigate different types of terrain effectively. The undercarriage is designed to provide optimal traction and stability, enabling the crane to operate on soft soils, uneven surfaces, and challenging construction sites.

Efficient Power Transmission

The undercarriage system of the LR1280 facilitates efficient power transmission from the drive system to the tracks. This results in smooth and controlled movement, allowing operators to maneuver the crane with precision and accuracy.

High-quality Material

The Liebherr LR1280 crawler crane undercarriage is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance. Steel alloys provide strength and corrosion resistance, while hardened steel is used for critical components. Wear-resistant materials minimize wear. Liebherr's commitment to premium materials guarantees reliability in heavy lifting operations.

HS885HD-the hot sale hydraulic crane undercarriage

Differentiating itself from lattice boom crawler cranes, the Liebherr HS885HD stands out as a hydraulic duty cycle crawler crane with distinct features and capabilities.

One notable distinction is the boom type used in the HS885HD. While lattice boom crawler cranes employ a lattice or truss boom structure, the HS885HD utilizes a hydraulic telescopic boom. This telescopic boom provides versatility and agility, allowing for flexible reach and height capabilities.

The application focus of the HS885HD sets it apart as well. Specifically designed for duty cycle operations, such as dredging, deep foundation work, and material handling in challenging conditions, this crane excels in demanding environments that require robust performance and precise control.

Liebherr HS885HD Undercarriage Unique Features

The HS885HHD undercarriage boasts several unique features that contribute to its exceptional performance and durability in demanding operating conditions:

Modular Design

The HS885HD undercarriage is designed with a modular concept, allowing for easier maintenance and component replacement. This modular design simplifies servicing and reduces downtime by enabling quick access to individual Liebherr crawler crane undercarriage components, such as track rollers, idlers, or sprockets, for inspection, repair, or replacement.

Variable Track Width

The crane offers the unique capability of adjusting the track width to suit different job site requirements. The variable track width feature allows for increased stability and improved weight distribution, enabling the crane to operate efficiently on various terrains and in tight spaces.

Advanced Bearing Technology

HS885HD track rollers utilize advanced bearing technology, such as sealed or sealed-for-life bearings. These bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme operating conditions, providing smooth and efficient rolling motion. They also require minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent bearing replacements or relubrication.

Interchangeable Shoe Design

Track shoes of the HS885HD may feature an interchangeable design, allowing for easy replacement and adaptation to different operating conditions. This design enables quick and efficient shoe changes, reducing downtime and increasing the crane’s versatility in tackling a wide range of duty cycle applications.

The hot selling models of Liebherr crawler crane undercarriages provide outstanding performance, reliability, and versatility for demanding applications in the construction and heavy industries. With their advanced engineering and innovative features, these undercarriages have gained considerable popularity in the market. Contact Value Crane today to secure the best price for these incredible Liebherr crane parts!


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