Introducing Of Lr 13000:Liebherr Largest Crane

Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring prowess of the Liebherr LR 13000, the ultimate symbol of engineering supremacy. As Liebherr largest crane, it stands as a testament to innovation and sheer power. With its extraordinary capabilities, this magnificent machine fearlessly tackles seemingly insurmountable environments, ensuring seamless project execution with unrivaled precision.

The LR 13000 defies boundaries, effortlessly maneuvering through impossible landscapes that once posed significant challenges. Its robust construction and advanced technology enable it to conquer any terrain, making it an indispensable companion for ambitious projects. From towering heights to treacherous conditions, this colossal crane operates with unwavering reliability, showcasing its exceptional adaptability.

introducing Liebherr Largest Crane - Lr 13000

The Liebherr LR 13000 is indeed an impressive crawler crane and holds several records in terms of lifting capacity and height. It is recognized as the world’s mightiest and tallest crawler crane manufactured by Liebherr, a renowned heavy equipment company.

Liebherr Lr 1300 - The Tallest Crawler Crane In The World

With a lifting capacity of 3,000 tons, the LR 13000 is capable of handling incredibly heavy loads. It reaches a maximum hook height of 248 meters, which refers to the height at which the Liebherr crawler crane can lift a load using its main hook. Additionally, it has a lifting height of 245 meters, which indicates the maximum height the tallest crawler crane can reach while still being able to lift a load.

What makes the Liebherr 13000 particularly remarkable is its lattice boom configuration. The lattice boom is the structural framework of the crane that extends vertically to provide height and strength. In the case of the LR 13000, it features the largest lattice boom configuration available. The lattice boom system spans a total length of 246 meters, consisting of a 120-meter main boom and a 126-meter luffing jib. The main boom is the primary extension of the crane, while the luffing jib provides additional height and flexibility.

The LR 13000 is mounted on a robust crawler chassis, which allows it to move and operate on various types of terrain. Despite its massive size and weight, this crane can effortlessly reach a height of 248 meters, showcasing engineering excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of heavy lifting.

Components and Features of the Liebherr LR 13000

The Liebherr LR 13000 crane incorporates several notable features and components:

Power and Engine

  • The LR 13000 is equipped with two Liebherr 8-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines.
  • These engines provide a combined power output of 1360 horsepower, ensuring sufficient strength and performance for lifting operations.


  • The Liebherr largest crane features winches with single-drive as a standard configuration.
  • This design choice enhances operational reliability and makes the crane more service-friendly.
  • In the event of a failure, the drive can be replaced even while the crane is under load.

Concrete Counterweight Units

  • The Liebherr 13000 utilizes concrete counterweight units to provide stability during lifting operations.
  • These counterweight units are designed with 20-inch containers, allowing for easy twist-locking.
  • The use of containers facilitates economical transportation of the counterweights.

Additional Upper Structure Counterweight

  • Depending on the size and requirements of the operation, the LR 13000 can employ additional upper structure counterweights.
  • The availability of these counterweights eliminates the need for jacking, streamlining the setup and operation of the Liebherr crawler crane.

Operator's Cab

  • The crane’s operator’s cab is designed to offer a spacious working environment.
  • It is equipped with the new LICCON2 crane control system, which provides advanced control and monitoring capabilities.
  • Three crane working monitors are also present in the cab, ensuring comprehensive visibility of critical crane parameters.

Camera Monitoring System

  • To prioritize safety for both workers and the machine, the LR 13000 is equipped with camera monitoring systems.
  • These systems include cameras dedicated to monitoring the winches and the rear of the Liebherr crawler crane.
  • The camera feeds provide enhanced visibility and assist operators in maintaining a safe working environment.

Applications Of Liebherr Lr 13000

The Liebherr largest crane finds its application in various industries due to its exceptional power and capabilities. Here are two significant areas where the LR 13000 excels:

  • Power Plant Construction:
    The Liebherr 13000 is particularly well-suited for power plant construction projects. The latest generation of power plants often requires the lifting of extremely heavy components, which demands a crane with substantial lifting capacity. As the most powerful traditional Liebherr crawler crane in the world, the LR 13000 meets this specific requirement with ease. It can handle the lifting of massive components, ensuring efficient and precise assembly during power plant construction.

  • Refinery Operations:
    Refineries also benefit from the LR 13000’s remarkable capabilities. In refinery settings, there is often a need to lift industrial columns that can weigh up to 1,500 tons and measure 100 meters in length. The LR 13000 stands out as the ideal choice for these demanding lifting operations. What sets it apart is its ability to operate without the need for jacking. This means that the crane can perform lifting tasks in refineries without requiring additional support structures, streamlining the lifting process and improving efficiency.

Liebherr Largest Crane In Mexican oil refinery

The Lr 13000 crawler crane, renowned as Liebherr largest crane, played a pivotal role in a significant project at a Mexican oil refinery. Its exceptional lifting capabilities were put to the test as it skillfully raised and positioned six tanks, each weighing a staggering 620 tons. With a demanding requirement of a hook height of 124 meters and a radius of 54 meters, the LR 13000 crawler crane flawlessly executed the task. Operating within a 52-meter radius, it precisely hoisted the tanks into their designated prefabricated steel structures. The successful completion of this endeavor allowed the refinery to boost its production capacity, enabling the creation of up to 110,000 barrels of gasoline and diesel. The Liebherr 13000 crane’s remarkable performance serves as a testament to its immense strength and efficiency in tackling colossal lifting operations.

High-Quality Crane Parts for the Liebherr Crawler Crane

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