Manitowoc 10000: Unrivaled Undercarriage For 100 Ton Crane

Manitowoc 10000, a remarkable crawler crane with an unmatched undercarriage designed specifically for 100-ton operations. This exceptional machine combines stability, mobility, and cutting-edge crawler crane technology to deliver unparalleled performance on the job site. With its robust undercarriage, the Manitowoc 10000 ensures superior stability, allowing for precise and safe lifting even in challenging conditions. Its advanced mobility features enable seamless maneuverability, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Experience the pinnacle of excellence in crawler crane engineering with the Manitowoc 10000 and take your heavy lifting capabilities to new heights.

basic information of Manitowoc 10000

The Manitowoc 10000 is a formidable crawler crane designed to tackle the most demanding lifting tasks. With a lifting capacity of 90 tons (100 USt) and a maximum load moment of 314 m-ton (2,270 ft-kips), this crane delivers exceptional strength and performance.

Equipped with a 61 m (200 ft) heavy-lift boom, the Manitowoc 10000 offers impressive reach and versatility. It allows for efficient handling of heavy loads and enables operators to navigate challenging job site conditions with ease.

For enhanced capabilities, the crane features a 76.2 m (250 ft) fixed jib on the heavy-lift boom, providing additional reach and flexibility for specialized lifting requirements. Additionally, an 80.8 m (265 ft) luffing jib on the heavy-lift boom expands the crane’s operational range, making it suitable for complex lifting scenarios.

Whether it’s heavy-duty construction projects or industrial applications, the Manitowoc 10000 empowers operators with its robust capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Manitowoc 10000: Advanced Crawler Design for Enhanced Performance

The Manitowoc 10000 boasts a range of advanced components designed to optimize its performance and versatility. From hydraulic extendable crawler assemblies to adjustable belt tension and independent hydraulic propel drives, this crawler crane is engineered for efficiency and reliability. With a reliable braking system, versatile steering mechanism, and durable crawler shoes, it offers exceptional control and stability in various working conditions. Additionally, the adjustable travel speed allows operators to customize the crane’s movement for optimal productivity. Let’s explore each of these components in detail to understand how they contribute to the Manitowoc 10000’s exceptional capabilities.

Hydraulic Extendable Crawler Assemblies

The Manitowoc 10000 is equipped with hydraulic extendable crawler assemblies, allowing for wide-track operation or retraction for transportation. This feature provides enhanced stability during lifting operations when the crawler assemblies are extended. When it’s time to move the crane, they can be retracted, ensuring convenient and efficient transportation.

Adjustable Crawler Belt Tension

The crawler belt tension of the Manitowoc 10000 can be easily adjusted using a hydraulic jack. The tension is maintained by shims positioned between the idler block and frame. This system enables precise control over the crawler belt tension, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the crawler system.

Independent Hydraulic Propel Drive

Each crawler side frame of the Manitowoc 10000 is equipped with an independent hydraulic propel drive. This drive consists of a hydraulic motor that powers a propel sprocket through a planetary gearbox. By integrating the hydraulic motor and gearbox within the crawler side frame, the overall shoe width is maximized. The sealed track rollers contribute to maintenance-free operation, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth performance.

Versatile Steering Mechanism

The hydraulic propel system of the Manitowoc 10000 offers versatile steering options. It enables both skid steering, where only one track is driven, and counter-rotating steering, where each track moves in the opposite direction. This mechanism provides flexibility and precise maneuverability for the crane, adapting to different working conditions.

Reliable Crawler Brakes

The Manitowoc 10000 features spring-set, hydraulically released, multiple disc-type parking brakes built into each propel drive. These brakes provide reliable and secure parking, enhancing the overall safety of the crane during operation.

Durable Crawler Shoes

With 66 shoes per side, each measuring 914 mm (36″) in width, the Manitowoc 10000 ensures excellent stability and weight distribution. The durable crawler shoes provide optimal traction, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of the crane.

Adjustable Travel Speed

The Manitowoc 10000 offers adjustable travel speed for efficient movement. It provides two options: high and low speed. The high-speed setting allows for faster travel at 1.9 km/h (1.18 mph), while the low-speed setting ensures precise control and maneuverability at 1.2 km/h (0.75 mph). This feature enables operators to adapt the crane’s speed to specific job site requirements.

Manitowoc 10000 crawlers drawing

The Manitowoc 10000 crawlers are designed to provide a compact and lightweight solution for enhanced maneuverability. With two crawler assemblies, each crawler measures 6.30 meters (20’7″) in length, making it suitable for navigating tight spaces and confined job sites.

The width of each crawler is 0.91 meters (3’0″), enabling the crane to operate efficiently in narrow areas. Its compact design allows for easy transportation and setup in various work environments.

Standing at a height of 0.98 meters (3’3″), the Manitowoc 10000 crawlers offer a low-profile configuration, reducing the risk of overhead obstacles and ensuring safe operation in areas with height restrictions.

Despite their compact size, the crawlers are built for strength and durability. The combined weight of the two crawlers is approximately 7,950 kilograms (17,530 pounds), providing a stable foundation for the crane during lifting operations.

Manitowoc 10000 parts at Value Crane

At Value Crane, we offer a comprehensive selection of Manitowoc 10000 parts to meet your maintenance and repair needs. Two essential components we provide are track rollers and track shoes, ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of your Manitowoc 10000 crawler crane.

Manitowoc 10000 track roller

Our high-quality track rollers are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of heavy-duty applications. These rollers play a crucial role in distributing the weight and maintaining the stability of the crane during operation. With our genuine Manitowoc 10000 track rollers, you can count on exceptional durability, longevity, and optimal performance.

Manitowoc 10000 track shoes

We also offer a wide range of track shoes specifically designed for the Manitowoc 10000 crawler crane. These track shoes provide superior traction and grip, ensuring safe and efficient movement across various terrains. Manufactured to precise specifications, our track shoes are built to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting and offer reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

When you choose Value Crane for your Manitowoc 10000 parts, you can trust in our commitment to delivering top-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in finding the right parts and ensuring a seamless experience from selection to delivery.


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