An Introduction To Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

Before buying lattice crawler crane parts, it is crucial to delve into its various components. From the sturdy boom and reliable crawlers to the counterweights that ensure stability, each element plays a vital role in the crane’s performance. Let’s explore the essential components that make up a lattice boom crawler crane and discover how they work together to accomplish remarkable heavy lifting feats.

What's a lattice boom crawler crane?

A lattice boom crawler crane is the largest type of mobile crane in the construction industry. These cranes are so substantial that they often require disassembly, transportation in separate pieces, and subsequent reassembly on-site. Once assembled, lattice boom crawler cranes typically remain at the worksite for the entire project duration. With their impressive size and power, these cranes excel at transporting, hoisting, and moving heavy loads with ease. Remarkably, despite their large stature, crawler cranes can operate on various terrains, including soft ground. This exceptional adaptability makes them one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment on a worksite, serving as a reliable and capable asset for a wide range of construction operations.

How does a lattice crawler crane work?

A lattice crawler crane operates by utilizing a lattice boom structure and a crawler undercarriage. The crane is positioned on stable ground and its outriggers or counterweights are adjusted for balance. The lattice boom, consisting of interconnected steel lattice sections, can be extended or retracted using hydraulic or mechanical systems. Load attachments, such as hooks or slings, are connected to the end of the boom. The crane operator, located in the operator cabin, controls the crane’s movements using hydraulic or electronic controls. They operate the winches to raise or lower the load, adjust the boom angle and extension for positioning, and utilize the slewing mechanism to rotate the crane. The operator carefully lowers the load to the desired location, ensuring precise placement. After completing the lifting operation, the lattice boom sections may be retracted or disassembled, and the crane is prepared for transportation.

the main parts of lattice boom crawler crane

lattice boom

The boom of a lattice crawler crane is constructed using steel and is designed in a “W” or “V” pattern. This lattice structure provides the necessary strength while keeping the weight of the crane to a minimum.

Upper Carriage

The upper carriage, also known as the upper works, is located above the undercarriage and contains essential components of the lattice crawler crane.It houses the operator’s cab, which provides a comfortable and safe working environment for the crane operator. 

Load Block

crawler crane block for lifting operation

Load blocks, also referred to as hook blocks, are an integral part of a crawler crane’s lifting system. They are typically made of heavy-duty steel and consist of one or more sheaves. They come in various configurations to accommodate different load capacities and lifting requirements.


The undercarriage forms the lower part of the lattice crawler crane and supports the entire machine. It houses the tracks, drive mechanisms, and various hydraulic systems. The lattice crawler crane undercarriage is designed to provide stability and distribute the weight evenly across the tracks, ensuring smooth movement and preventing excessive ground pressure. 

track shoes

The track shoe is an essential  part of lattice crawler crane undercarriage. It is the part that makes direct contact with the ground and provides traction and stability to the crane. 

track roller

Track rollers, along with other  undercarriage components, play a crucial role in the stability, mobility, and overall performance of a lattice boom crawler crane. 

Track chain

The track chain in a lattice crawler crane undercarriage is a continuous loop of interconnected links that supports the crane’s weight, provides traction, and enables smooth movement across various terrains.

the features of lattice crawler crane undercarriage

The lattice crawler crane undercarriage offers several notable features that contribute to its performance and versatility in heavy lifting operations:

  • Wide Track System: The lattice crawler crane is equipped with a wide track system, consisting of tracks that are broader compared to other crawler cranes. This design provides enhanced stability, weight distribution, and flotation over various terrains, including soft or uneven ground. The wider tracks help to minimize ground pressure and reduce the risk of sinking, allowing the crane to operate reliably in challenging environments.
  • Robust Construction: The undercarriage of the lattice crawler crane is built to withstand rigorous use and heavy loads. It is constructed with high-strength steel components, ensuring durability and longevity. The robust construction of the undercarriage enables the crane to handle demanding lifting tasks and endure harsh working conditions.
  • Excellent Mobility: Thanks to its wider track system, the lattice crawler crane offers excellent mobility on rough and uneven terrains. It can navigate construction sites with ease, including those with loose soil, gravel, or uneven surfaces. The undercarriage’s design allows the crane to maintain stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for various applications and environments.

lattice boom crawler crane model type

There are various model types of lattice boom crawler cranes parts available in Value Crane, here’s some model type example for you to consider.

Kobelco CKE 900

The Kobelco CKE 900 lattice crawler crane boasts a maximum lifting capacity of around 90 metric tons (100 US tons). With its robust design and versatile capabilities, it excels in handling heavy construction materials, machinery, and various loads. The lattice boom structure provides strength and adaptability, while the crawler undercarriage ensures mobility and stability on different terrains. The CKE 900 is a reliable and efficient choice for precise and safe lifting operations.

Manitowoc 4100

The Manitowoc 4100 is a lattice boom crawler crane that is widely used in the construction and heavy lifting industry. The lattice boom of the Manitowoc 4100 can be extended to a maximum length of around 82 meters (270 feet). This allows the crane to reach greater heights and perform lifting operations over long distances. The boom can be further enhanced with different boom inserts and jibs to increase its reach and lifting capabilities.

Liebherr lr 1280

The LIEBHERR LR 1280 is a powerful lattice boom crawler crane model manufactured by Liebherr, a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery. It is designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with precision and efficiency. The LR 1280 offers impressive lifting capacities, typically ranging from 280 to 300 metric tons, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and industrial projects. With its robust design, advanced technology, and flexible boom configurations, the LR 1280 is capable of tackling demanding lifting operations, including erecting large structures, lifting heavy components, and working in challenging terrains. It features a lattice boom system that provides exceptional strength and stability, enabling safe and controlled lifting operations.

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