The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Crawler Crane

What is a Crawler Crane?

A crawler crane is a type of mobile crane that moves on caterpillar tracks. Crawler cranes are often used in modern construction because they can reach locations that are difficult to access. Crawler cranes can be found on the waterfront, where they help with building structures like piers and bridges, or at the top of skyscrapers, where they move heavy steel beams from ground level to the top floor.

How to Identify the Type of Crawler Crane You Need?

There are three types of crawler cranes:

– Rough terrain crawler crane

A rough terrain crawler crane is a specialized type of crane commonly found on construction sites. Its primary purpose is to transport and install hefty equipment and materials, even on uneven surfaces.

These cranes are specifically designed to exhibit exceptional mobility across rugged terrains. They are equipped with tracks that enable them to navigate various types of surfaces effortlessly. This unique feature makes them particularly well-suited for deployment in construction sites where obstacles like rocks, trees, or other obstructive objects may impede the movement of other crane variants.

Furthermore, these cranes are versatile enough to operate both on land and in water, boasting an impressive load capacity of up to 100 tonnes. Consequently, they find extensive application in the construction industry, mining operations, and other sectors that necessitate the lifting of substantial loads.

– Standard crawler crane

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A standard crawler crane is a powerful machine used for heavy lifting in various applications such as cargo handling and construction. It is designed to move across the ground using crawler tracks or wheels.

This type of crane has two main lifting capabilities: vertical and horizontal. It features a jib, which is a horizontal arm that can rotate a full 360 degrees around the central mast. The jib can also be tilted up to 90 degrees from the ground, providing flexibility in different lifting angles.

The mast of the crawler crane can rotate a full 360 degrees around its base, allowing the crane to move in any direction. This 360-degree rotation enables the crane to reach and lift objects from various positions, making it highly versatile.

Overall, a standard crawler crane combines vertical and horizontal lifting power with the ability to move in any direction, making it suitable for a wide range of heavy lifting tasks.

– Rough terrain crawler crane.

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The rough terrain crawler crane is a type of crawler crane that can operate in rough terrain. They are also called rough-terrain crawler cranes, crawler cranes, or RTCCs.

RTCCs are designed to be used in areas with difficult access such as mountains, jungles, swamps and deserts. They are often used for heavy lifting and construction projects where other types of cranes might not be able to work.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Crawlers Cranes?

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Crawlers Cranes are used for lifting and transporting heavy objects that are too difficult to move by other means.

Cost-effective and efficient way to move heavy objects.

The perfect solution for people who need a crane but don’t have the space for one.

Crawlers Cranes can be used in a wide range of industries, from construction sites to warehouses and distribution centers.

Easily reach heights of up to 100 feet without requiring any additional equipment or machinery.

Most importantly, Crawlers Cranes are a type of crane that is able to move on the ground, this gives it a significant advantage over other types of cranes.


Crawlers Cranes are very expensive and require a lot of space.

Install on the concrete floor which is difficult to find in most places.

Not easily transportable.

Cannot be moved around easily.

Prodution process of crawlers cranes

Crawlers Cranes is a complicated process that requires a lot of different machines and steps.

The production process begins with the design and engineering phases, where the skilled engineers at Crawlers Cranes meticulously create the blueprint for the machine. This blueprint then transitions to the manufacturing stage, where the steel is carefully cut, shaped, welded, and polished, transforming it into its final form.

The next crucial step involves the skilled technicians at Crawlers Cranes assembling all the parts, meticulously putting them together to create the fully functional machine. This includes the installation of vital components such as wheels, axles, and crankshafts, which are essential for the smooth operation of the machine.

To ensure utmost safety and reliability, Crawlers Cranes subjects each machine to a rigorous series of tests. These tests rigorously evaluate the machine’s performance under various conditions, guaranteeing that it can operate safely and efficiently. Only after successfully passing these tests does Crawlers Cranes ship the machine to customers worldwide, confident in its ability to meet their needs and surpass expectations.

Testing standards of Crawlers Cranes

The testing standards for crawler cranes vary depending on the country, but there are some similarities as well. All countries have a maximum load limit which is usually around 500 tons or 1000 tons. All countries also have a minimum clearance height which is usually around 10 meters (33 feet).

Quality test of Crawlers Cranes

A quality test of Crawlers Cranes is a process that ensures that the cranes are working properly before they are put into use.

In order to perform a quality test, the following steps must be taken:

– Inspecting and testing the crane’s components

– Check the crane’s lifting capacity

– Testing the crane’s stability

– Test for any corrosion or wear and tear on any of the parts

– Compliance with safety standards should be tested

Feature of good Crawlers Cranes manufacturer

A good crawlers cranes manufacturer should be able to meet the needs of their customers. This means that they should have a wide range of products and services to offer, with the right quality for the price. Customizations for their customers should be provided.

The features of a good crawlers cranes manufacturer are many, but some of them are:

– There is a wide range of products and services to offer

– Their products have the right quality for the price

– The customer service is efficient

– Durable and long-lasting crawler cranes.

– Quality customer service and after-sales services.

– Easy installation, setup and operation.

– High-quality parts for all types of crawler cranes.


In this guide, we discuss the types of crawler cranes, the benefits, the shortcomings, and how to choose the right crawler crane for your needs.

We hope this guide will help you decide which crawler crane to purchase.

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