Three Questions Of Knowing Hitachi-Sumitomo Crane Parts

When it comes to choosing crawler crane parts, you may encounter various parts such as Hitachi parts, Sumitomo parts, and Hitachi-Sumitomo crane parts, which may appear similar at first glance. Understanding the differences between these brands and selecting the right crane parts for your specific needs can be crucial. Today, Value Crane is here to address all your questions and provide expert guidance on Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane parts.

Who is hitachi-sumitomo?

Hitachi-Sumitomo is a joint venture brand that combines the expertise and resources of Hitachi and Sumitomo. They offer a comprehensive range of crane parts that are designed to fit both Hitachi and Sumitomo crane models, providing cross-compatibility and a wider selection of parts.

Hitachi-sumitomo crane parts

What's the advantage of choosing hitachi-sumitomo crane parts?

The advantage of choosing a joint venture brand like Hitachi Sumitomo for crawler crane parts lies in the unique benefits derived from the collaboration of two reputable companies. Hitachi Sumitomo combines the expertise and resources of Hitachi and Sumitomo, renowned players in the construction and heavy machinery industries.

Combined Expertise

One of the key advantages is the combined expertise brought forth by the joint venture. Hitachi and Sumitomo each contribute their extensive knowledge, experience, and technological advancements to the development and manufacturing of crawler crane parts. This collaboration ensures that the Hitachi Sumitomo parts meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Compatibility and integration

Compatibility and integration are also significant advantages of joint venture brands. Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane parts are meticulously designed and engineered to perfectly fit their respective crane models. This precise fitment guarantees seamless integration into the overall crane system, optimizing performance and minimizing downtime.

Who should choose hitachi-sumitomo crane parts?

Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane parts offer exceptional quality and performance; however, they may not be the optimal choice for every customer. Depending on specific needs and circumstances, customers may find alternative options that better suit their requirements. 

For hitachi crawler crane owner?


Hitachi-Sumitomo is a joint venture brand between Hitachi and Sumitomo, and its crane parts are designed to be compatible with both Hitachi and Sumitomo crane models. However, since you specifically have a Hitachi crawler crane, it is advisable to stick with Hitachi parts to ensure the best fit and performance.

a mixed fleet owner of Hitachi and Sumitomo cranes?


Hitachi-Sumitomo crane parts are designed to be compatible with both Hitachi and Sumitomo crane models. If you have a mixed fleet of Hitachi and Sumitomo cranes, using Hitachi-Sumitomo parts can streamline your parts inventory and simplify maintenance and repairs.

for Construction Companies?


Construction companies that utilize Hitachi-Sumitomo cranes in their projects can benefit from choosing Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane parts. These parts contribute to the overall reliability and productivity of the cranes, enabling smoother project execution and timely completion.

If you have any further inquiries about Hitachi Sumitomo crane parts, we invite you to engage with our knowledgeable expert at Value Crane. With over 20 years of experience, our expert is well-equipped to address all your concerns and provide effective solutions


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