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The Manitowoc 8500 is a lattice boom crawler crane known for its robust capabilities. As a small crawler crane, it offers versatility and mobility for various construction and lifting applications. At Value Crane, we provide the best Manitowoc 8500 crane parts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Follow us blog to find the perfect components to enhance your Manitowoc 8500 crane.

what is Manitowoc 8500?

The Manitowoc 8500 is one of the new additions to Manitowoc’s lineup of small crawler cranes. This crawler crane has a lifting capacity of 77 tons (85 U.S. tons) and a maximum load moment of 282 t-m (2,041 ft-kips). It features a heavy-lift boom that extends up to 61.0 meters (200 feet) and a fixed jib on the heavy-lift boom that reaches 73.2 meters (240 feet). This Manitowoc crawler crane is equipped with a 159 kW (213 HP) engine and offers a line speed of 160 meters per minute (525 feet per minute). It has a maximum line pull of 14,500 kg (32,000 lb) and a rated line pull of 7,700 kg (17,000 lb). Additionally, it has a material rehandling clamshell capacity of 7,300 kg (16,000 lb). Notably, the Manitowoc 8500 is designed for fast and efficient self-assembly and disassembly.

The components of Manitowoc 8500

The Manitowoc 8500 is a crawler crane that consists of several components in its upperworks, lowerworks, and various attachments. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

the upperworks of Manitowoc 8500

The upperworks of the Manitowoc 8500 crawler crane encompass critical components necessary for its operation. Powering the crane is the robust Hino J08E-TM Diesel engine. Precise control over various operations, such as load hoisting, boom hoisting, swinging, and propulsion, is achieved through the hydraulic control system. The hydraulic system, consisting of pumps, motors, reservoirs, and cooling mechanisms, provides the necessary power for smooth and controlled hydraulic functions. To facilitate load hoisting, the crane is equipped with front and rear drums operated by hydraulic motors featuring holding brakes. A swing system incorporating a hydraulic motor and braking mechanism enables unrestricted 360-degree rotation. The boom support system, comprising a drum, motor, and braking mechanisms, ensures secure and safe boom hoisting. The gantry, a high folding structure with a sheave frame, aids in boom hoist reeving and can be hydraulically elevated. A removable counterweight guarantees stability during lifting operations. The operator’s cab offers optimal visibility and houses essential controls, instruments, and comfort features. Gauges and a monitoring system provide real-time information, while safety devices, including function lock levers, anti-two-block systems, limit switches, alarms, boom backstops, and load moment indicators, enhance operational safety.

Manitowoc 8500 lowerworks

The lowerworks of this Manitowoc crawler crane consist of essential components that contribute to its mobility and stability.


At the core of the lowerworks is the sturdy carbody, constructed with welded steel. This robust structure serves as the foundation and support for the crane’s operations, ensuring stability during lifting and movement.


The crane is equipped with crawler assemblies, which are instrumental in its mobility across various terrains. These crawler assemblies possess hydraulic extendible and retractable capabilities, allowing the crane to adapt to different ground conditions and maintain balance during operations.

Crawler Drive

Driving the crawlers is a hydraulic crawler drive system. The specific details of this system may vary based on the model and configuration of the Manitowoc 8500. Nevertheless, it typically incorporates hydraulic drives for the crawler tracks, enabling the crane to move and position itself effectively.

Manitowoc 8500 Attachments

The Manitowoc 8500 can be equipped with various attachments and accessories to enhance its functionality and adapt to different job requirements. Some common attachments include:

  • Boom Attachments: The crane can have different boom configurations, such as lattice booms or tubular booms, with various lengths and sections to achieve different lifting capacities and reach.

  • Jib Attachments: A jib attachment can be added to extend the reach of the crane and allow for specific lifting scenarios, such as lifting over obstacles or reaching greater heights.

  • Auxiliary Hoist: An auxiliary hoist attachment provides additional lifting capabilities and flexibility for the crane.

  • Luffing Jib: The crane can be equipped with a luffing jib, which allows the boom to move vertically to adjust the hook height while maintaining a fixed angle.

The features of Manitowoc 8500

The Manitowoc crawler crane boasts impressive features and advantages. Its high load capacity makes it ideal for tackling heavy lifting tasks effortlessly. With a telescopic boom, it offers adjustable height to accommodate diverse work scenarios.

Equipped with a powerful engine system, the Manitowoc 8500 delivers reliable performance and ample power. Its sturdy steel structure and advanced design ensure stability and dependability in various working conditions.

User-friendly operation is facilitated by advanced systems and electrical controls, minimizing the risk of errors and maximizing productivity.

Maintenance is simplified through modular component design, reducing costs and downtime.

Safety is a priority, with features like overload warning systems, limit devices, and balance mechanisms, ensuring a secure working environment.

The Manitowoc 8500’s versatility allows it to adapt to construction sites, ports, and industrial facilities. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in diverse industries.

What can you find at value crane?

At Value Crane, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of crane undercarriage parts specifically designed for the Manitowoc 8500. Our offerings include track shoes, track rollers, idlers, sprockets, and more. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of spare parts such as wire ropes tailored for Manitowoc crawler cranes.

Manitowoc 8500 crawlers

At Value Crane, we supply the essential undercarriage components for the Manitowoc 8500 crawler crane, including the robust crawlers. These crawlers are integral to the crane’s stability and maneuverability, ensuring reliable performance on various terrains. Each crawler is designed with specific dimensions: a length of 5.99 meters (19 feet 8 inches), a width of 0.91 meters (3 feet), and a height of 0.98 meters (3 feet 3 inches). With a weight of 7,400 kilograms (16,317 pounds), these crawlers provide the necessary support and traction for the crane, enabling it to navigate challenging environments with ease.

track shoes for Manitowoc 8500

The Manitowoc crawler crane is equipped with track shoes, also known as crawler shoes, with a total of 63 shoes per side. Each crawler shoe has a width of 914 mm (36″). These track shoes provide stability and traction to the crane, allowing it to efficiently maneuver various terrains during operations.

Manitowoc 8500 track roller

The track roller for Manitowoc 8500 crawler crane undergoes a specific heat treatment process. It is quenched and tempered to achieve a hardness range of HB250-300. The working surface of the track roller has a hardness of HRC50-55. Additionally, the quenching depth of the track roller is within the range of 4-6mm. These heat treatment specifications ensure the durability and strength of the track roller, enabling it to withstand the demanding conditions and provide reliable performance during crane operations.

Crane spare parts - wire rope for Manitowoc 8500

Our crane spare parts include wire ropes specifically designed for the Manitowoc 8500. The wire rope capacities for the crane are as follows:

  • Front Drum: The wire rope on the front drum has a working length of 265 meters (869 feet).
  • Rear Drum: The wire rope on the rear drum has a working length of 210 meters (688 feet).
  • Storage Length: Each drum can accommodate a wire rope with a storage length of 335 meters (1,099 feet).

The wire rope working length is 265 meters (869 feet), ensuring optimal performance during lifting operations. The blocks and hooks provided with the wire ropes are equipped with roller bearing sheaves grooved for 22.2 mm (7/8″) diameter wire rope, ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, the roller bearing swivel includes a hook latch for added safety.

For the 11-ton ball hook, a 328 kg wedge socket designed for 22 mm wire rope is included. Similarly, for the 12 USt ball hook, a 722 lb wedge socket suitable for 7/8″ wire rope is provided. These components ensure secure connections between the wire rope and the load, enhancing safety and efficiency during lifting tasks.


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