Sany Crane: The Largest Crawler Crane In The World

When it comes to the largest crawler cranes on a global scale, the name that stands out is Sany crane. Sany crane, renowned for its exceptional engineering, presents the remarkable SCC98000TM model. With a maximum lifting moment surpassing 98,000 tonne-meters and an impressive lifting capacity of 4,500 tons, Sany crawler crane establishes itself as the unrivaled industry leader. This remarkable achievement marks the third time Sany Heavy Industry has shattered the record for the world’s largest lifting capacity crane, following the groundbreaking 3,600-ton crane in 2011 and the groundbreaking 4,000-ton crane in 2020. With its unmatched capabilities, Sany crane continues to redefine the limits of what is possible in the realm of crawler cranes.

the design of Sany crane

The SCC98000TM, known as the largest crawler crane in the world, features various components including the mast, counterweights, and hook. Sany’s delivery of this crane showcases an 8-drive system, with around four tracks dedicated to the crawler alone. The combination of these parts gives rise to the world’s largest crane. With an impressive double-arm extension reaching up to 216 meters, this Sany crane occupies a vast area of approximately 4,200 square meters, equivalent to nearly ten basketball courts.

The technologies used in SCC98000TM

The SCC98000TM crane stands at the forefront of technological innovation, incorporating a range of advanced features to revolutionize the world of heavy lifting. With its cutting-edge technologies, this Sany crawler crane sets new standards in efficiency, precision, and operational excellence.

digital regenerative drive system

At the heart of Sany crane’s design is the digital regenerative drive system, which tackles the challenge of cumbersome movements head-on. By harnessing the power of digital signals, the crane achieves seamless coordination and agile performance, even during manual operations.

integrated control & super counterweight system

The integrated control system acts as the central hub for exchanging instructions, handling tasks in an organized manner, and making independent judgments, similar to the human brain’s functionality. And the super counterweight system enhances stability and balance during lifting operations.

Through the collaboration of these three major systems, the Sany crane achieves superior performance characterized by smooth and fluid operations. This enhanced performance enables the crane to achieve precise control at the millimeter level.

SCC98000TM Applications

The SCC98000TM crane is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of heavy lifting in various industries. Its applications are particularly prominent in sectors such as petrochemical and nuclear power. Here are more specific details about its applications:

Petrochemical Tank Installation

The SCC98000TM excels in lifting and installing large-scale petrochemical tanks. Its powerful dual-arm configuration, with a remarkable lifting capacity of 4,500 tons, allows for the safe and efficient placement of these massive tanks. The crane’s precision control and stability ensure precise positioning, even in challenging environments.

Nuclear Power Dome Construction

The construction of nuclear power domes involves the precise lifting and placement of massive components. The SCC98000TM crane is a reliable choice for this task. With its dual-arm configuration, this Sany crawler crane can lift up to 4,500 tons, enabling the safe and accurate installation of critical components in nuclear power dome structures. This includes lifting heavy reactor vessel heads, containment structures, and other components unique to nuclear power plants.

Adaptive and Advanced: The Sany Crane's Versatility

When it comes to heavy lifting and complex construction tasks, versatility is a key factor in ensuring efficient operations. Enter the Sany Crane, a remarkable piece of machinery that exemplifies adaptability and advanced capabilities.

Change 4500t to 2000t

SCC98000TM is the largest crawler crane in the world, however, the demand for its impressive 4,500-ton capacity is relatively scarce. The usage frequency of the 4,500-ton capacity is generally lower than that of the 2,000-ton capacity. When a site temporarily does not have a task requiring the 4,500-ton capacity but has a task for the 2,000-ton capacity, the 4,500-ton configuration can be easily converted into the 2,000-ton configuration by replacing only a few components. This avoids the need for unnecessary transportation, resulting in lower energy consumption, a smaller footprint, and increased flexibility.

crane parts interchangeability

The SCC98000TM crawler crane boasts exceptional crane parts interchangeability. Leveraging its modular design and advanced finite element simulation technology, this crane achieves up to 95% component commonality with other large-tonnage cranes manufactured by Sany. By making minimal component replacements tailored to specific requirements, this colossal 4,500-ton crane can be transformed into a fully functional independent 2,000-ton crawler crane. This unique capability facilitates joint operations, enabling the crane to effectively tackle complex tasks with precision and efficiency.

The Remarkable Undercarriage of Sany Crane

The sheer size of Sany cranes presents a potential challenge of imbalance and top-heaviness during heavy lifting and earthmoving operations. However, the exceptional design of Sany’s crawler undercarriage overcomes these obstacles with remarkable efficiency. The crawler configuration not only provides a secure grip on the ground, ensuring chassis stability during operations, but also enables smooth and agile movement across various terrains.

The key to their success lies in the appropriate tension and high-quality construction of the crawler tracks. This ensures optimal performance and versatility, allowing the cranes to fearlessly operate in any weather or terrain conditions. Whether faced with a rainy day or demanding mountainous landscapes, these Sany cranes continue to work with unwavering efficiency, unhindered by external factors.

Choose Sany Crane as Your Preferred Construction Partner

With a rich background in crawler crane development, Sany stands as a reliable choice for your construction needs. Their expertise in lifting on tracks was acknowledged back in 2013 when they received the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize for their groundbreaking work on “Key Technologies and Applications of Large-tonnage Crawler Cranes.”

Sany crawler cranes have become pivotal in diverse industries, including petroleum, petrochemical, wind power, nuclear power, thermal power, and municipal construction. Their remarkable performance and unwavering reliability have earned them high acclaim in the market.

By selecting Sany Crane as your construction partner, you can benefit from their extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and a proven track record of excellence. Trust in Sany’s crawler cranes to deliver exceptional results for your construction projects.


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