The Production Process of The Crawler Track Plate

What is crawler track plate

A crawler track plate is a metal plate that is mounted on the underside of a crawler-type vehicle.

A crawler track plate is usually made of steel and has two or four rubber pads to reduce the noise and vibration when a vehicle moves over pavement. The rubber pads are designed to grip the pavement for traction and to keep the vehicle from slipping.

The main function of a crawler track plate is to provide stability for vehicles that are being towed, such as bulldozers, excavators, and loaders.

Type of crawler track plate:

There are three types of crawler track plates: the tension-loaded, compression-loaded and combination type. The tension-loaded type is used for heavy loads and has two or more rows of teeth. The compression-loaded type is used for lighter loads and has one row of teeth. The combination type has one row of teeth in the middle with two rows on either side for heavy loads.

Most excavators use triple ribbed track plates and a few use flat bottom track plates. When designing a three-bar track plate, the first step is to find the specific pressure of the ground and the capacity of the earth between the track bars and the ground to ensure the necessary adhesion; secondly, the track plate should have a high bending strength and wear resistance. The three-bar track plate generally has two mud clearance holes. When the track plate is rotated around the drive wheel, the teeth of the wheel automatically remove the mud from the chain track joints, so the mud clearance holes should be located between the two screw holes that secure the track plate to the chain track joints.

Raw Material Selection

Material: Small tonnage plates are generally SCSIMn2H and 35SIMN (they are the same, the former is the Japanese standard, the latter is the Chinese standard), large tonnage plates are generally 28CrMnMo 28CrNiMnMo or 34Cr2Ni2Mo

Productory Process

Process flow: mould making – mould making – pouring – inspection (chemical composition, mechanical properties) – sand cleaning – tempering, shot blasting (mechanical properties) – heat treatment – processing, grinding – painting – inspection – packaging

(1) Moulds are traditionally made from aluminum and wood film, but can also sometimes be created using samples or production drawings

(2) Mould making is to make sand boxes according to the production of good abrasives

(3) Pouring is the pouring of molten iron into the sandbox of the finished abrasive

(4) Testing the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the heat-treated rail plate, usually using a chemical composition meter (spectrometer) and CSS44300 universal testing machine

(5) Sand cleaning is the removal of the product for sand cleaning after heating in the furnace

(6) Tempering means tempering the finished product and shot blasting the track plates with a shot blasting machine.

(7) Medium frequency treatment of the track plate at the contact position with the tread of the wheel body

(8) Machining according to drawing requirements

(9) Polishing of the track plate after tempering, with any unsmooth areas polished smooth

(10) If the track plate is qualified, it should be painted

(11) The polished track plates are tested to see if they are acceptable for shipment

(12) The product is packed into the warehouse

Quality Control Stage

Quality control is an important stage in the production process. This is where a product’s quality is inspected and verified. Quality inspection for crawler track plates includes visual inspection, physical testing, and chemical analysis.

Quality control can be defined as a series of activities that are undertaken to ensure the quality of the product or service being delivered to the customer. The quality control stage in the production process deals with inspecting and verifying a product’s quality. Crawler track plate quality inspection includes visual inspection, physical testing.

The visual inspection is done by looking at the surface with a magnifying glass and by touching it with a finger. If there are any problems, they will be visible to the naked eye.

This inspection is done before every shift and also before use if there are any problems found during a previous shift or inspection.

Physical testing is a form of quality assurance that is used to verify the structural integrity of a product. It can be done in order to ensure that products are safe for use and have the right performance specifications. Crawler track plates are used in mining, construction, and other heavy industries. They need to undergo physical testing before they can be put into production.

The crawler track plate is tested for its strength, elongation, and fatigue. These tests are done to determine if the material has been affected by any of these three factors. The tests are conducted on various samples of the same size and shape to get an average value of the results.

Conclusion & Key Takeaways


In this article, we have discussed the crawler track plate production process. We have also looked into the various takeaways from this article about the crawler track plate production process.

Key takeaways:

1) The crawler track plate production process is a complex one and requires a lot of skill and precision.

2) The crawler track plate is an important component of a tracked vehicle, as it helps in providing traction to the vehicle.

3) There are many different types of crawler tracks that are used for different purposes or vehicles.

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