Maximizing Crawler Crane Undercarriage Track Parts Roller Lifespan

A track roller is also known as a lower roller, it is one of the crawler crane undercarriage parts. The main function is to support the weight of construction equipment. At the same time, it also plays an important role in limiting the track and preventing the crawler crane parts plates from slipping laterally.

The main structure of a track roller is separated into a wheel body, axle, bearing bush, seal ring, end cover, etc. Rollers often work in muddy water and dust bearing a strong impact. So it is easy to have oil leakage, wear, and other failures. Once that happens, the lower roller will not be able to continue to work. While with the price of worldwide heavy equipment spare parts rising, the owners may have to pay more to replace track rollers. How to increase the expected life of the crawler crane undercarriage parts track rollers? “The service life of a roller is often limited by the level of manufacturing technology and ways to maintain during use.” According to a senior parts engineer of RIS.

Crawler Crane Undercarriage Roller Manufacturing Process

Strict and standard manufacturing technology process can help to boost the life of crawler crane aftermarket parts. When purchasing a batch of track rollers, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the making process. Information on that will know you well what the supplier has done to improve the quality of your parts. Next, we are going to share some important production processes.


Standard crawler crane undercarriage parts track rollers technical process: blanking – forging – roughing – heat treatment – welding – finishing – assembly – painting – storage.


In terms of raw materials of track rollers, parts makers should purchase the material form large-scale steel plants. The quality should meet the low power structure and chemical composition requirement of the national standard.


Forging refers to the process of smelting metal into a liquid according to certain requirements and pouring it into the mold. Then cooling, solidification, and cleaning will obtain the castings with a predetermined shape, size, and performance. Generally, the roller body is forged by friction press after medium frequency heating.

Abrasive Resistance

Quenching and tempering plus surface medium frequency quenching process can improve the overall mechanical properties and surface wear resistance of workpieces.

Bearing Bush

The adoption of pure copper material and centrifugal casting process can help the bearing bush of the roller have a perfect cylindricity so as to fit the shaft very well.


The common material of the shaft is 50Mn. After tempering and surface medium frequency quenching, the wear resistance of the workpiece will be significantly improved. Normally, the hardness is 23-28hrc after thermal refining, 54-60hrc after intermediate frequency.


Before assembling a crawler crane lower roller, an indispensable step is to clean every single part of a track roller with a cleaning solution. Besides, the rolling test should be done during assembly to check whether the clearance of every part can meet the standard. Performing a bulge test can examine whether the wheel has oil leakage. An oil filling machine could control the oil filling quantity within a reasonable range.

Spray Lacquer

The necessary preparatory work for painting the track roller is cleaning surface dust of the workpiece to improve its adhesion. Parts manufacturers also need to look out the uniformity of spray lacquer, ensure there is no phenomenon like uneven painting or embossed lacquer.

Want to know the quality of your crawler crane lower rollers? A spectrometer will give a hand to find out if each element in your rollers meets the standard or not. Also, you can ask your supplier for the quality inspection report.

Taking Good Care of Your Track Rolls

  • In mechanical running, don’t let too much soil and gravel piled up on crawler crane undercarriage. That will interfere with the rotation of the roller.
  • Avoid as far as possible support wheel long time immerses in muddy water.
  • Get rid of mud and debris on the track rollers after finishing the work every day.
  • Working in a low-temperature environment, you should keep the roller dry all the way. If there is water on the track roller, which will freeze into ice at night. As a result, the seal ring will be lacerated once when contacting the ice in machinery running.
  • Try to keep the crawler crane running on the flat ground. if the ground is uneven, the force of each supporting wheel is not uniform. The roller bearing a large impact force is prone to wear out and appear oil leakage failure.
  • Check the wear condition of the track roller regularly, and replace it in time if there is any damage. Otherwise, the damaged crawler crane undercarriage parts lower rollers may cause a series of problems, such as driving deviation.

Special manufacturing technology and careful daily maintenance are the keys to expand the crawler crane parts track rollers working life. For more ideas on how to prolong the machinery components service life, read our guide on 7 mistakes to avoid when maintaining your crawler crane parts!

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