6 Tips on How to Dismantle The Crawler Crane Parts Booms Safely

The crawler crane is a construction equipment designed to lift heavy load objects. It covers lots of advantages such as large load capacity, good anti-skid performance, and strong lifting capacity. What’s more, the machinery also has a wide application at digging, ramming, piling, and other operations. However, due to the slow-moving speed of crawler cranes, plus the crawler crane spare parts track shoes would be harmful to the road surface. Before transferring a crawler crane to another construction site, a necessary step is to dismantle the boom. So, what is the boom for? How to remove it? In what follows, we will show you the answers.

The Definition of Crawler Crane Parts Booms

A crane boom is separated into the main boom and jib, the former is more common-used. A hoist pulls the automatic wire rope and the wind rope to make the main boom move up and down. Meanwhile, controlling the rotation center of the main engine can make the main arm rotate 360 degrees left and right. The jib is an auxiliary boom installed on the top of the main boom, which couldn’t move up and downward. The size of it is much smaller than the main boom.

What is the function of a crane boom? The boom is a steel structure used to support the hoisting wire rope and pulley block. It is installed on the upper rotating platform switching the working radius by pitching. We can extend the length of the boom depending on the construction requirement. Furthermore, adding an auxiliary boom at the top of the main boom could extend the working range.

6 Tips for Safe Dismantling of A Crane Boom

People usually resort to vehicles to transport a crawler crane to other construction sites. But before that, we need to remove the crane boom. How to perform? Here are some tips:

Keep The Machinery in Place

Before disassembling the boom, make sure that the direction of the turntable is the same as that of the track frame. Before laying down the boom, the operator must pay attention to observe the location of the main engine and fully estimate the head position of the boom. Be sure to keep away from obstacles such as high-voltage lines.

Park The Crawler Crane on Solid Ground

When removing the boom, the ground where the crawler crane park should be solid. Otherwise, the rollover may happen because of the center of gravity of the whole equipment moving forward. What if the crane parking ground is soft and unstable? The ideal condition is there is no obvious indentation on the ground after the equipment goes by. If the condition can not met the requirement, the only way to take is paving subgrade plates on the ground.

Prevent Vehicle Rollover Caused by Booms

How to prevent the overturning accident caused by the main engine body’s back warping or front lowering when lying the boom down? We need to place a wedge block at the front end of the track to keep a certain angle between the undercarriage and the ground.

Dismantle The Crawler Crane Parts Booms Carefully

Special personnel shall be assigned to observe the change of pole head and crawler crane undercarriage parts when disassembling the boom especially for the model with tower working conditions. Keeping eyes on the position of anti-roll oil cylinder or anti-roll bar. Otherwise, it is easy to bend the sway bar or crack the boom in front of the anti-roll oil cylinder.

Have Good Teamwork with Auxiliary Vehicle

For the crawler crane models with tower working conditions or jib, they should be with the help of an auxiliary crane to remove the boom. Before disassembly, it is necessary to get to know the auxiliary vehicle condition and notify the operator what to do, matching steps, etc.

Don’t Neglect The Finishing Touches

After the boom laying down the ground, the first thing to do is level it with stirrups or sleepers and then remove all the counterweights. Also, we need to lower the A-frame, adjust the luffing pulley block to a proper position, place it on the A-frame. Also note that disconnect the tension rope, dismantle the main and auxiliary lifting ropes, and wrap them into the drum respectively. Last but not the least, pull the boom arm connection shaft pin out and remove the joint one by one. Whether assembly or taking apart of crawler crane parts booms, a lifting belt is always a must tool. Never use a steel wire rope to replace it.

The above are 6 tips on how to dismantle the crawler crane parts booms safely. Do you have additional tips to remove a main boom or jib? Please share them in the comments below. Handpicked related content: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining Your Crawler Crane Parts

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