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A Foolproof Guide to Crawler Cranes Structure Characteristics

Abstract: Combined with the actual project, the application characteristics of crawler cranes are elaborated, focusing on the crawler crane-based metro shield hoisting construction process, for the heaviest pieces (front shield) and the longest pieces (connecting bridge) down the well hoisting, which can provide reference for similar shield hoisting construction applications.

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4 things you need to know about Crawler Crane Undercarriage

A crawler crane undercarriage is a type of mobile equipment that is used to transport and position a crawler crane. It consists of four or six wheels, depending on the model, which are mounted on two axle assemblies. The axles are connected by cross members to the frame of the undercarriage. An undercarriage can be made from steel or aluminium, depending on its weight-bearing capacity and intended use.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Crawler Crane

Introduction: What is a Crawler Crane?A crawler crane is a type of mobile crane that moves on caterpillar tracks. The crawler crane is often used in modern construction because it can reach locations that are difficult to access.

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